Center for Leisure and Culture Services

Our research focuses on trans-disciplinary issues in leisure and culture studies, such as gender and diversity, sustainability and development, digitalization and innovation, ethics and philosophical perspectives.



Research excellence: CLCS sets the research agenda in the fields of leisure and culture studies by addressing and theorizing emerging and relevant issues such as diversity and gender in leisure and tourism spaces and organizations, business ethics and sustainable tourist consumption, and  epistemological and methodological perspectives.

Engaged scholarship: CLCS mindfully engages society and the practice community, by addressing societal and industry concerns in its research and applied projects, e.g. digitalization and customer experiences, public policy for sustainable tourism, sustainable service innovation, gender and equality in organizations.

Educational value: CLCS is engaged in shaping the future of higher education in areas of service, leisure, tourism and cultural industries. It actively contributes to the development of innovative and inclusive research-grounded learning environments. CLCS  is engaged in curriculum and education development, and coordinates the concentrations of “Tourism and Hospitality” and “Service Innovation” at the Bachelor of Service Management and Business Administration.


Ana María Munar is an Associate Professor and Director of CLCS. With research interests in digital technologies, epistemology, higher education, and gender, her latest publications focus on postdisciplinarity, research paradigms, multisensory tourism experiences and gender in academia. Over the years, Ana has served on several national and international boards and networks. Nowadays, she holds positions at the Diversity and Inclusion Council at Copenhagen Business School, the Critical Tourism Studies Network, Women Academics in Tourism, and several tourism journals.

Adriana Budeanu is an Associate Professor doing research in the areas of strategic environmental management and supply chain management, sustainable business performance and innovation, and regional networks and public policy for sustainable tourism. Current areas of research include investigations of organizational and inter-organizational conditions that facilitate sustainable strategies, policy and practice and the role of partnerships as governance mechanisms for wildlife management.

Claudia Eger is Assistant Professor in tourism, sustainability and innovation. Her research explores the challenges and complexities of business in society with a focus on the broader economic and social development afforded by private initiative. Claudia adopts an interdisciplinary research approach to study the interrelation of these topics with gender, ethics and sustainability. During her Ph.D., she conducted research on the developmental impacts of tourism-sponsored initiatives in Morocco. Her current research includes projects on organizational learning and change processes spanning across Africa and the Middle East.

Florence Villesèche is an Assistant Professor and Marie Curie Fellow. She holds a PhD and MSc in Business Administration from the University of Geneva (CH), as well as an MPhil and MA in Anglophone Studies from the University of Montpellier (F). Her published work includes book chapters for edited volumes as well as contributions to recognized outlets such as Human Relations, Personnel Review, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Her main research interests are networks, gender, diversity and diversity management, the corporate elite, and identity.

Mads Bødker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Digitalization. His research lies in the intersection of interaction design, HCI, tourism and mobility´s research. A major topic in his research is how to represent users ’differently’ in design work. Building on field studies and visual ethnographies of tourism he has developed mobile applications and methods to aid researchers engage in more sensory acute field work. His work has included research and field work conducted at Cornell University in the US as well as James Cook University in Australia.

Shevren Lai is a PhD candidate and works in the public service in Malaysia and has done so since 2001. She started her Ph.D at Copenhagen Business School in July 2010 on a scholarship from the Malaysian government. Her research projects concerns cultural tourism in Malaysia and UNESCO recognition as an emphasis of destination competiveness. Furthermore, the project focuses on actor participation in the anchoring of, and the administration of the world heritage. Shevren was the director of “Malaysia, My second home Centre”, the ministry of tourism in Malaysia.

External Lecturers who collaborate with CLCS are; Marta Juarez, Kasper Teilmann, Mogens Stendrup and Signe Marie Davidsen.

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