Center for civil Society Studies



The research conducted at CBS Center for Civil Society Studies bridges disciplinary boundaries by combining approaches from sociology, political science, history and economics. This involves not only academic projects and cooperation with visiting scholars, especially from Europe and North America, but also outreach to people actively involved in civic engagement.

The theoretical and empirical work is carried out in interdisciplinary teams covering a wide range of civil society topics, e.g. advocacy, associational democracy, philanthropy and social innovation. The basic research is funded by CBS and Realdania, currently supplemented by the following project grants:
Civil Society in the Shadow of the State (CISTAS) is a project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, studying philanthropy and voluntarism in relation to the welfare functions of the state in a historical and sociological perspective. Central questions regard to what extent civil society has contributed to developing and maintaining societal cohesion, democratic traditions and organisations.
Founding Blended Value (FOUBLE) is a research project funded by Tuborgfondet studying the input, output, outcome and impact of foundations and other philanthropic organizations with particular emphasis on contributions to arts and sciences in Europe.

Social Innovation and Civic Engagement (ITSSOIN) is an EU 7th framework research project conducting comparative analyses in nine European countries. The Danish team leads the parts concerning environmental sustainability and media framing of third sector activities.

Well Being in Talk and Action (TRIVSEL) is a research project funded by TrygFonden mapping the development of the concept of “trivsel” in Denmark and Sweden with the purpose of studying how the term has been valuated, measured and promoted through talk and action with particular emphasis on civic engagement and social entrepreneurship.

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