Center for Art and Leadership

The Centre for Art & Leadership (CLK) is a research centre at the Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy of the Copenhagen Business School.

The Centre for Art & Leadership concentrates its efforts in three areas:

  • The creation of an international network of researchers, organisations and artists that share the Centre’s ambitions and its vision of the connection between art and leadership. This is also intended to prepare the ground for exemplary research in this area.
  • The installation of art in a theoretical context and perspective in which leadership is imbued with new and effective insights. Here concepts are clarified and a common language is created—one that is rooted in a unique theoretical approach to the relation between art and leadership.
  • The establishment of a collaborative relation to the business community, to organisations and to social institutions with the aim of stimulating learning and creative growth.



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Centre for Art & Leadership
Copenhagen Business School
Porcelænshaven 18B
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Director of the centre: Professor Ole Fogh Kirkeby
Head of secretariat: Henrik Hermansen