Vision and objectives

Entrepreneurship is a catalyzer of growth and innovation.

visonandobjectives_header_storWhether we focus on renewing the Welfare state, corporate Innovation, or start-ups of new businesses, the economy’s capacity to generate new jobs, and thus sustainable welfare, place entrepreneurship at the centre of the discussion.

Innovation, flexibility, and speed belong to the competitive strengths of all organisations and entrepreneurial capacity is the pivotal ingredient in the blend that make companies grow and social entrepreneurship initiatives excel in their problem-solving capacity.
How can a society foster more entrepreneurs? How can universities effectively translate their research, expertise and inventions into new ventures?  What are the conditions for corporate entrepreneurship (and new business venturing) and sustained innovation-based corporate growth? What makes social entrepreneurship initiatives successful where private and public initiatives have failed? How can we support student start-up initiatives (in entrepreneurship- as well as in social entrepreneurship projects) so they are more likely to succeed?
The central aim of the CBS Entrepreneurship Business-in-Society Platform is to stimulate, facilitate, and support the development of greater capacity to find research-based solutions to such (and related) challenges. Businesses, entrepreneurship education, students, CBS alumni, and public partners are all part of creating these solutions.
The platform operates with a variety of themes - in the initial phase, these are

  • Start-up venturing
  • Organisational Entrepreneurship
  • Design & Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Globalization and Entrepreneurship

The platform organizes cross-departmental collaboration to create synergies across CBS' multiple areas of expertise and bridges between CBS and the Danish and Nordic Region entrepreneurship ecologies. Integrating new knowledge with partnering and CBS-society interaction should not only strengthen our knowledge on entrepreneurship, but also help boost entrepreneurial people and organizations in their endeavours.

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