#9 Camilla Bartholdy

External Lecturer Camilla Bartholdy has 10+ years experience as digital business developer in Danish and American startup companies. She is founder and owner of four companies. She holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology and E-Business from the IT-University of Copenhagen. Today she also workes for the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE Student Entrepreneurship Incubator), where she is managing the Teaching&Education Program between CSE and CBS.

Camilla Bartholdy



External lecturer

Mobile: +45 61305254
E-mail: cba.itm@cbs.dk
Department of IT Management

What is your understanding of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the business process of identifying new business opportunities. The entrepreneurial work process is agile and iterative, as entrepreneurs are in the search of a business model. The entrepreneurial work process is a set of action oriented activities, work tools and methods that will help individuals to test and validate if they have identified a potential business opportunity.

What characterises an entrepreneur as an individual?

It is an individual who drives on freedom to control his or her own life. The entrepreneur is a do’er, an executer who takes action on all steps in the business development process. A successful entrepreneur is also a team player who knows his/her personal skills, strengths and weaknesses and is able to gather lacking skills towards a working team. An entrepreneur takes ownership of own achievements and sees ‘failure’ as part of the learning process. He or she wants to make a difference in personal life and the lives of others.

What does this mean for university education, or education more generally?

Theory and practise have to be applied simultaneously during education. Students should be able to integrate and use their own start-up process as a case in their university education.

What is the role and function of entrepreneurship for private companies and
for the public sector?

Private companies and the public sector can use the entrepreneurial process tools and methods to execute and test innovation and market potential for new solutions – products or services.

In what sense is entrepreneurship important for society?

Entrepreneurship creates business opportunities and new jobs. Entrepreneurs are job-makers and not job-takers.
The entrepreneurship process – its tools and methods – is a new, agile and iterative way of identifying business opportunities. This is important if we want to understand how we can create socially valuable business solutions.

To whom do you pass on the baton?

Daniel Hjorth


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