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Welcome to the 4th issue of enter Entrepreneurship Research and Education Magazine

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Entrepreneurial leadership

EDITORIAL Leadership is becoming more and more important as a process that enables teams to engage in collective creativity towards the best possible (novel, relevant, valuable) outcome. Such leadership practices are relevant to make room for and support entrepreneurship and innovation that, by now, is a more and more collective process. In this short piece Daniel Hjorth, academic co-director of the Entrepreneurship Platform, focuses on the particularly entrepreneurial qualities or acts that are part of this way of leading.


Fritz Hansen ICE Chair

A new perspective on management of design

PhD and lecturer at University of Leicester, School of Management, Marta Gasparin points to new ways for managers of the design process to act, in order to constantly optimise the outcome of the design process and change the market and the competition. In her PhD dissertation, she investigates the respective roles of designers and design managers in the design process. She suggests looking at management of design as the process of enrolling and mobilising actors and translating goals, thus creating the design in a heterogeneous network of allies. She believes that design managers constantly need to act in order to keep the actors in the network motivated.


Maria Skjerbæk - new learning

Assessing the impact of entrepreneurship education – from ABC to PhD

The PhD thesis “Assessing the impact of entrepreneurship education – from ABC to PhD” was defended by Kåre Moberg at the CBS department of Strategic Management and Globalization in August 2014, and focuses on assessing the effects of different approaches to entrepreneurship education at secondary and tertiary level of education. In this article Kåre Moberg summarises his research approach and revealing findings.


The Baton: views on entrepreneurship

The Baton of Entrepreneurship is a feature of the CBS Entrepreneurship Platform that aims to stimulate dialogue and share insights into entrepreneurship research across the boundaries of CBS. Ten CBS researchers offer scientifically sound opinions on the topic. Each one answers the same five questions and passes the baton on to the next researcher of their own choice outside their own CBS department. enter Magazine brings the second round of two new batons by William B. Gartner and Ester Barinaga.


Anne Sophie Vinther - Greens

CBS BioBusiness & Innovation Master Program - a success story

Translating life science into entrepreneurship and business, building inter-university and corporate collaborations, boosting the career potentials of students? Follow the Q&As to different programs within the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship, this time focussing on the CBS BioBusiness & Innovation Platform (BBIP). Graduated student of the BBIP M.Sc. in Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship Anne Sophie Vinther Hansen is answering the enter Q&As, explaining how she used her learning from the program to raise 30 Mio DKK via Innovation Fund Denmark to fund her research consortium and her company, Cumulus Bio.


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The Entrepreneurship Platform supports CBS experiments of entrepreneurial risk taking behaviour; Launch of a new event series: From Research to Applied Skills in Entrepreneurship; Announcement of the upcoming Entrepreneurship Policy Conference + more upcoming events and activities; Introduction of our new Entrepreneurship Platform manager 

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