In the light of higher education

CBS Entrepreneurship Platform seeks to act as an extended arm of CBS as a higher education Institution with regard to research, teaching and society engagement within entrepreneurship. The dissemination of new knowledge, practices, business models and scientific discoveries is central for CBS as an institution of higher education. Thus, the Platform aims to boost the quality of existing entrepreneurship programmes and courses at CBS, thereby supporting CBS’ role in providing society with novel perspectives on business and entrepreneurship.

The role of higher education institutions

EDITORIAL The CBS Entrepreneurship Platform is cognisant of being part of CBS, a higher education (HE) institution. The Entrepreneurship Platform therefore seeks to act as an extended arm of CBS and assist in achieving and fulfilling one or more of the roles CBS is called upon to enact. In particular those that regard or have an overlap with entrepreneurship as an area of research, education or societal engagement. CBS is expected to play multiple roles. The dissemination of new knowledge, practices, business models and scientific discoveries is one of its central roles. Another is to synthesise and codify the new, acting as an engine for application and utilisation in a broader range of settings. This ultimately feeds into the general development. HEs thereby play a central role in the diffusion and adoption of new ways of thinking and operating, which in turn may become an engine for opportunity discovery and innovation.

One way that CBS can support these functions is to interact and engage with society through collaborative activities, by participating in ongoing public debates, by taking on consulting-like roles or by organising workshops, conferences and similar events. Another, more indirect way is by furnishing our students with an understanding of new developments in the area of entrepreneurship – transforming students into facilitators for the dissemination of the novelty.

The CBS Entrepreneurship Platform has already generated activities and initiatives focused on engaging directly with society. We have organised workshops and conferences and supported numerous research-related initiatives among CBS faculty. Indeed, the Entrepreneurship Platform has been fortunate enough to be able to assist and provide a service to talented and skilful individuals at CBS, without whom the strength, achievement and impact of the platform would most certainly be significantly reduced. We have also been privileged that key external stakeholders have openly collaborated with us and played an instrumental role in allowing us to engage in and organise events – events that specifically aimed to disseminate and generate new values and beliefs, not only at CBS but also in society. We hope to be able to stage similar events in the future as well.

Improving teaching, training and extracurricular activities

The Entrepreneurship Platform, however, will also seek to secure activities that may equip students with the newest tools and capabilities conducive to entrepreneurship. We aim to pursue such activities alone or in collaboration with others and by supporting initiatives of faculties and institutions across CBS. This entails putting a greater focus on students and identifying opportunities for improving teaching, training and extracurricular activities. A number of new initiatives are already on their way.

First, we aim at providing students with more insights into the latest academic research achievements, especially those of entrepreneurship scholars at CBS, and at translating those into more practical takeaways. We will establish a forum that, on the one hand, offers direct access to CBS entrepreneurship researchers and their output and, on the other hand, gives researchers an audience and an opportunity to apply a more practical perspective on their research achievements.

Another initiative is a series of events that give students of entrepreneurship direct access to external stakeholders that are central for the entrepreneurship community. The goal is to create awareness among CBS students about the possibilities and the most prolific stakeholders in the local entrepreneurship community. This initiative would seek to involve stakeholders from all levels of the entrepreneurship processes and furnish both formal and informal network ties.

We also believe that boosting the quality of the very rich portfolio of existing entrepreneurship programmes and courses at CBS will be essential for supporting CBS’s role in providing society with novel ways of thinking about business in a more entrepreneurial manner. Entrepreneurship is indeed an area of teaching and research that is currently undergoing great growth and development. There is hence a need for adjusting and amending existing materials and teaching approaches. We hope to be able to assist and provide CBS faculty with inputs and settings that are conducive for further developing their ongoing teaching activities in the area of entrepreneurship. 

Why especially the Entrepreneurship Platform?

Entrepreneurship deals with the introduction and adaption of new and novel activities. Entrepreneurship students are characterised by having a particular interest in development and novelty and are likely to work with business development and innovation in the future. Providing those students with the newest developments and access to the entrepreneurial community will certainly channel this into society in the right settings and among the appropriate set of individuals.

Entrepreneurship students are also instrumental in spawning a virtuous cycle feeding back into HEs. Equipping these students with the tools and capabilities needed for identifying and adopting the new and novel and for engaging actively in generating novelty may provide renewed insights and case-based learnings. Not only will CBS become an engine for dissemination but also an instigator of the tools and capabilities that may furnish further novelty.

With this in mind, it is essential to engage students and ensure the perception among students that CBS values and actively seeks societal engagement. These students become CBS alumni from whom we may, in the future, be able to secure additional resources for fulfilling the roles that have been assigned to CBS. The above-mentioned initiatives will hopefully sow this seed of attitude among the students, allowing CBS to reach out and have a rich and rewarding engagement in society in the future.






Toke Reichstein
Professor and academic co-director
The Entrepreneurship Platform
Copenhagen Business School

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