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Welcome to the 2nd issue of enter Entrepreneurship Research and Education Magazine

Internationalization: Focus Asia

EDITORIAL CBS is the leading institution of entrepreneurship research and education in Europe. Our faculty members enjoy a great deal of international recognition and are centrally embedded in key international scientific and policy networks. Our entrepreneurship education programs attract substantial foreign interest and several of them have been adopted as templates by institutions elsewhere.


Is entrepreneurship nature or nurture?

PORTRAIT Entrepreneurship researcher, Professor Mirjam van Praag was recently appointed Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Professor of Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). The appointment aims to strengthen CBS’ research and education activities within entrepreneurship. Mirjam van Praag’s weighty research is centred on what makes entrepreneurs successful – nature or nurture – as well as the impact of entrepreneurial education and the effective composition of start-up teams. Some of her recent research suggests that environment, or nurture, has a strong effect on entrepreneurship, which, in her view, is a good motivation for policy and education initiatives that foster entrepreneurship.


The entrepreneur as storyteller

INTERVIEW William B. Gartner – Bill Gartner – is a professor of Entrepreneurship and the Art of Innovation in the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School, where he is investigating the role of storytelling in entrepreneurship education. He believes that the stories entrepreneurs tell students in class about their start-ups are very valuable; entrepreneurial storytelling creates identification and is an important medium for learning about entrepreneurship.


Pioneering and diverse entrepreneurship research at CBS

PORTRAIT A rigorous, pioneering and diverse level of entrepreneurship scholarship and a plethora of possibilities for collaboration are some of the reasons why American world-leading Entrepreneurship scholar William B. Gartner – Bill Gartner – decided to join Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Along with his broad and extensive experience within entrepreneurship research and education, he sees his enthusiasm to collaborate and explore the phenomenon of entrepreneurship as one of his main contributions to entrepreneurship at CBS.


Advisory Board supports strategic efforts

INTERVIEW The Advisory Board for the Entrepreneurship Platform consists of experienced business leaders and contributes with important knowledge and expertise to enable the platform to stimulate entrepreneurship in Denmark. One of the board’s goals is to support the strategic efforts of the Entrepreneurship Platform, including the endeavour to expand the cooperation between business and industry and Copenhagen Business School on entrepreneurship research and education. Ensuring knowledge transfer with business and industry via lectures and events, connecting research and graduates, and promoting research into entrepreneurial ecosystems are some of the initiatives on the board’s agenda.


Back to the product
EVENT We need to get back to focusing on the product, say the authors of the new book Tilbage til virkeligheden (Back to Reality), Rasmus Bech Hansen and Jens Martin Skibsted. The book was launched at the event ‘A Discussion between Research and Practice’ at Copenhagen Business School, organized by the Entrepreneurship Platform. In the book, the authors mention the Danish family-owned company VIPP, whose CEO, Kasper Egelund, and chief designer, Morten Bo Jensen, also participated in the discussion at the event. The discussion about brands and products was facilitated by Professor Robert Austin from CBS’ Entrepreneurship Platform.


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