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Venture Cup
Venture Cup is a nonprofit organization that focuses on finding the best ideas and the most innovative university students across the country. We are best known for our two annual competitions where you can win cash prizes of more than 600.000 DKK in total within 5 exciting categories.
Everyone who submits their business idea gets feedback from our expert panel of investors, entrepreneurs, consultants and business people - and if your team becomes one of the approx. 45 who make it to one of our finals, you'll get training and consultancy focused on making you and your network even sharper.
The past 10 years, Venture Cup has facilitated the start-up and growth of over 150 companies who have raised over 300 million DKK in total taking the step from idea to action and turning their knowledge into products and services changing the world. So come and test your idea with us. We can help you get started.
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Stardust-CBS is your gateway to entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School. The organization is not only for dedicated starters and people who believe they can change the world, but also for those who haven’t taken the final step yet.
The world is full of opportunities that you just need to grasp – So we try to inspire you to dare take the step towards living the life of a true starter and working with a start-up company. We cannot tell you what to do, who to meet or what to say, but we can try to ask the right questions at the right time so you will get the ability to make your own decisions.
We facilitate a process where you gain insight in yourself and the world around you, and we believe a strong network is an important part of this. Therefore we bring entrepreneurial people together and provide them with a place to meet and learn from each other.
Stardust-CBS is a very proud member of the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, which gives us the opportunity to push you in all the right directions. We love to challenge your ideas and be inspired by your visions.
We believe in openness, simplicity and questioning the status quo. Our network is an army of innovators and competences, which enable us to be the best possible resource for you.
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Gate to Create 
Gate to Create is a national collaborative network of volunteer entrepreneurship student run organisations. The network was founded in 2010 and has since then expanded to eight Danish Universities and now holds nine member organisations.
Gate to Create drives the continued collaboration of the nine member organizations and seeks to help the local organizations in their interactions with students around the country. Further, Gate to Create seeks to promote the message of young entrepreneurs at both a local and national scale.
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360 Develop Prize 
Develop Prize is a student run social entrepreneurship competition where students are encouraged to form diverse teams and develop business plans to address development challenges.
The competition runs throughout the academic year and ends with a final where the winning team gains access to a powerful network of advisors that are dedicated to help them turn the plan into a viable business.
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The Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab (CIEL) was launched to create a substantial economic impact through comprehensive support of entrepreneurial activities at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Copenhagen Business School (CBS).
CIEL provides a platform for collaboration among the different incubators (CSElab, Katalyst, Katapult, Next Generation and DTU institute facilities) in order to match entrepreneurial needs.
Building on a unique collaboration, in which researchers and students from UCPH, DTU and CBS work together, the three partners combine competence, expertise, and volume, offering a unique potential for realising substantial entrepreneurial impact.
Building on this strong strategic commitment of the partner universities, CIEL is gathering novel and cross-disciplinary research, teaching, and entrepreneurship support in close cooperation with entrepreneurs and industry, to form an engine of substantial entrepreneurial growth. - Information
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