Department of International Economics, Government and Business


Room: POR/24.B-3.54
Sara McGaughey

My research interests are at the intersection of international strategy, organisation and entrepreneurship.  Ongoing projects include examination of foreign direct investment and productivity spillovers; international new venturing by habitual entrepreneurs; institutional entrepreneurship on a global stage by owner-founders of small firms; and corporate entrepreneuring, including headquarter-subsidiary relations.  In much of this research I enjoy using longitudinal qualitative research designs, coupled with an interest in process-oriented research representations and theorising.  In teaching and learning, I am committed to research-led engaged pedagogies that emphasise ‘students as partners’ and life-long learning.


Primary research areas
  1. Institutional entrepreneurship in the context of international standardisation
  2. International new venturing by portfolio entrepreneurs
  3. Foreign direct investment and productivity spillovers
  4. Corporate entrepreneurship in MNEs
  5. Headquarter-subsidiary relations


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Available for supervision in areas broadly related to my research interests

Selected publications

McGaughey, S.L., Raimondos, P. and la Cour, L. (2020) Foreign influence, control and indirect ownership: Implications for productivity spillovers. Journal of International Business Studies, 51: 1391-1412.

Amberg, J. and McGaughey, S. (2019) Strategic human resource management and inertia in the corporate entrepreneurship of a multinational enterprise, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 30(5): 759-793.

Alfoldi, E.A., McGaughey, S.L. and Clegg, L.J.C.  (2017) Firm bosses or helpful neighbours? The ambiguity and co-construction of MNE regional management mandates. Journal of Management Studies, 54(8): 1170-1205.

McGaughey, S.L. (2012) Institutional entrepreneurship in North American lightning protection standards): Rhetorical history and the unintended consequences of failure, Business History, 55(1): 73-97.

McGaughey, S.L. (2007) Hidden ties in international new venturing: The case of portfolio entrepreneurship.  Journal of World Business, 42(3): 307-21.

McGaughey, S.L. (2002) Strategic interventions in intellectual asset flows.  Academy of Management Review, 27(2): 248-274.