Department of International Economics, Government and Business

PhD fellow

E-mail: ov.egb@cbs.dk

As a PhD Fellow at EGB/CBS, I explore the attitude of the European MNCs towards potential reshoring practices, key drivers/catalysts, strategy preferences, and try to link them with the initial offshoring motives. I have a broad interest in cross-disciplinary research areas covering topics such as: firm internationalization and sourcing decisions, geographic economy, GVCs patterns and dynamics, strategic relocation, digital transformation of business operations, etc.

I hold a MSc degree in International Trade/Business, an MBA with minor in Management of Information Systems and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance-Accounting. I previously worked as Assistant Lecturer and Project Manager/Coordinator, mainly focused on EU funded capacity-building projects and other international research/development programs.    


Primary research areas
  • Firm internationalization and sourcing decisions
  • GVCs patterns and dynamics
  • MNCs strategic relocation  
  • Economic geography
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