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le Duc
PhD fellow

Room: POR/24.B-2.77
Niels le Duc

Niels le Duc is a PhD Fellow in International Business. He studies the resource commitment of knowledge-intensive multinational enterprises to subnational locations in both emerging and developed markets. Niels has a Master’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (both from the University of Amsterdam). He previously worked as a consultant at a global location strategy consultancy firm.

Primary research areas
  • Internationalization of R&D and innovation
  • Knowledge-intensive subnational locations (e.g. clusters/science parks)
  • MNE location choice and resource commitment
  • MNE R&D entry modes
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Selected publications

le Duc, N., & Lindeque, J. (2018). Proximity and Multinational Enterprise Co-location in Clusters: A Multiple Case Study of Dutch Science Parks. Industry and Innovation, 25(3), 282-307.


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Niels le Duc / Understanding Resource Commitment to R&D in Multinational Enterprises : A Novel Conceptual Framework.
In: Multinational Business Review, Vol. 29, No. 2, 2021, p. 262-280
Journal article > peer review
Niels le Duc; Johan Lindeque / Proximity and Multinational Enterprise Co-location in Clusters : A Multiple Case Study of Dutch Science Parks.
In: Industry and Innovation, Vol. 25, No. 3, 2018, p. 282-307
Journal article > peer review
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