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PhD fellow

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My PhD project: “Economic models in the western world: where do they come from and how have they developed?” is an inquiry into the political and ideological background for the economic models that policy makers apply to plan economic policy today. My outset is the Danish case; however the project aims to compare the development of the economic models and the use of these between different economies.  

Primary research areas
  • Political economy
  • Economic ideas
  • Economic models
Curriculum Vitae
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Birthe Larsen; Niels Fuglsang / Er det etisk at lade fattige børn betale prisen for bedre incitamenter til at arbejde?
In: Information, 17.1.2019, p. 14
Contribution to newspaper - Feature article
Niels Fuglsang / Skulle vi ikke snart begrave neoliberalismen?
In: Politiken, 7.4.2018, p. 5-6
Contribution to newspaper - Feature article
Niels Fuglsang / I de økonomiske regnemodeller er ulighed altid godt
In: Berlingske, 30.10.2017, p. 28
Contribution to newspaper - Feature article
Niels Fuglsang / Model. Finansministeriet tør ikke gå nye veje
In: Politiken, 10.6.2017, p. 6
Contribution to newspaper - Comment/debate
Niels Fuglsang / Finansministeriets regnemodeller er politiske
In: Berlingske Tidende, 30.8.2016, p. 23
Contribution to newspaper - Feature article
Niels Fuglsang / Thomas Borgen er (også) bange for Trump
In: Information, 8.10.2016, p. 19
Contribution to newspaper - Comment/debate