Department of International Economics, Government and Business

Associate professor
ph.d, Director of Strategy and Planning at Asia Research Centre

Room: POR/24A-3.72
E-mail: mj.egb@cbs.dk

My main research interest focuses on how ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia are engaged in multiple forms of network practices engaging different types of capital (social, political, and economic) in the process. This research traces the contours of these networks by mapping linkages between supra- and sub-national transactions in order to show whether these alternative (business) networks undercut prevailing spatial organisations such as those organised by the nation-state. An important part of this research is to focus on the ethnic Chinese diaspora in especially Southeast Asia and whether ethnic Chinese business strategies are based on ethnic affiliated practices such as guanxi or xinyong or whether they are conditioned by changing global economic practices thus introducing more truncated and ad hoc based business network. In terms of size of businesses in Southeast Asia my main focus is on ethnic Chinese owned SMEs. As they are less engaged in international business transactions they are more likely to act as suppliers or sub-contractors for MNCs in a given domestic market. The focus point here is how these businesses relate to the national industrial and societal setup knowing that ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs constitute a minority group in all the Southeast Asian countries except Singapore. The ultimate interest in this connection is to research the outer limits of ethnic affiliation in a business cum societal context. My latest research interest focuses on cross-cultural communication strategies in international business. This research is mainly based on a data base collected since 2007 and onwards in Penang, Malaysia. This is part of a new research project that is initiated in 2012 and will eventually branch out to cover other Southeast Asia nations.

Primary research areas
  • Political and economic relations between China and Southeast Asia
  • Ethnic Chinese business strategies and networking practices in Southeast Asia
  • Economic and political globalization
  • International business studies in an Asian context
  • Ethnic identity and nationalism
Curriculum Vitae
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Designed and teaches a mandatory course at ASP: International Business in Asian Markets.
Designed and taught an elective titled: International business in an Asian Context’ at Copenhagen Business School.
Are guest lecture in several courses at ASP and at an master course in emerging markets at the master programme 'International Business Studies' at INT.


Are supervisor for both Ph.D. students, graduate and undergraduate students at CBS.
Are furthermore censor and examiner at all three years at ASP.

Other teaching activities

Gives guest lectures at University of Copenhagen as well as teaches international business in an EMBA programme on global management at the Centre for Advanced Management.
Are furthermore organising a course on advanced management in Penang, Malaysia, also for the Centre for Advanced Management.

Other activities/positions:

  • Editor of the Copenhagen Discussion Paper Series 
  • Associate editor and member of the Advisory Board of International Journal of China Studies
  • Affiliated researcher to the Southeast Asia Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong
  • Affiliated senior researcher to Penang Institute, Penang, Malaysia
Selected publications
  •  'Making Sense of Context in International Business: Some Methodological Reflections'. Co-authored with Worm, V., Li, X.To be published in Asia-Pacific Management Review. 2017.
  • ‘If only cultural chameleons could fly too: A critical discussion of the concept of cultural intelligence’, in International Journal of Cross Cultural Management. Vol. 12 Issue 2, August, pp. 229-245. 2012.
  • ‘Interdependency versus Notions of Decoupling in a Globalising World: Assessing the Impact of Global Economics on Industrial Development’. Published in the special issue on Political and Economic Decoupling and Risk Assessment in Contemporary Asia in Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 29, Issue 2, pp. 11-32. 2011.
  • ‘‘Introduction’ published in the special issue on Political and Economic Decoupling and Risk Assessment in Contemporary Asia in Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 29, Issue 2, pp. 5-10. 2011.
  • 'Redefining Beijing Consensus: Ten General Principles’. Co-authored with Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard and Xin Li, in China Economic Journal, 2(3): 297-311. 2011.
  • ‘Asienforskning Fremmarch’, in Kom Margasinet. No. 46. March, pp. 28-31. 2010.
Publications sorted by:
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Working paper
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Working paper
Michael Jakobsen; Verner Worm; Xin Li / Making Sense of Context in International Business : Some Methodological Reflections.
In: Asia Pacific Management Review, 3.2.2018
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Verner Worm; Michael Jakobsen / Revisiting Single Case Studies in International Business Research : The Case of Maersk Line.
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Working paper
Michael Jakobsen; Verner Worm; Xin Li / Making Sense of Context in International Business : Some Theoretical and Methodological Reflections.
Paper presented at 10th Asia Academy of Management and 10th Taiwan Academy of Management Joint Conference, 2017
Paper > peer review
Michael Jakobsen; Verner Worm; Xin Li / Navigating a Global Corporate Culture : On the Notion of Organizational Culture in a Multinational Corporation.
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Michael Jakobsen; Verner Worm; Xin Li / Making Sense of Culture in International Business : Some Theoretical and Methodological Reflection.
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Working paper
Verner Worm; Xin Li; Michael Jakobsen; Xie Peihong / Culture Studies in the Field of International Business Research : A Tale of Two Paradigms.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [wp] 2015, 46 p. (Copenhagen Discussion Papers, No. 53)
Working paper
Verner Worm; Michael Jakobsen; Xin Li / Culture as Process : Navigating Cross-Cultural Business Landscapes.
Poster session presented at The 41st EIBA Annual Conference 2015. European International Business Academy, 2015, 1 p.
Poster > peer review
Michael Jakobsen / Ethnic Chinese Entrepreneurship in Malaysia : On Contextualisation in International Business Studies.
Abingdon : Routledge 2015, 148 p. (Chinese Worlds)
Book > peer review
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