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Louise Thorn
PhD fellow

Room: POR/18.A-2.130

My PhD project “Why do voters engage in vote trades in new democracies?” is financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research within the “Crooked politics” project. My PhD project investigates a genuine puzzle in vote buying: In theory, the secret ballot is supposed to prevent vote markets – the exchange of votes for material rewards – from operating during elections. Yet empirical evidence suggest that vote markets thrive during elections in new democracies. My research design is a case study, implemented as a new large-N survey with strategically selected survey-experiments. The case study consists of a new survey, which will be conducted during the 2016 municipal elections in South Africa.

Primary research areas
  • Voting behaviour
  • Vote trades
  • Democracy theory
  • Survey experiments
Curriculum Vitae
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Mogens Kamp Justesen; Louise Thorn Bøttkjær; Scott Gates; Jacob Gerner Hariri / Vote Markets, Latent Opportunism, and the Secret Ballot
Paper presented at American Political Science Association, APSA Annual Meeting 2017, 2017
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Louise Thorn Bøttkjær; Peter Sandholt Jensen; Mogens Kamp Justesen / Buying the Votes of the Poor : How the Electoral System Matters.
Paper presented at The 10th ECPR General Conference, 2016
Paper > peer review