Department of International Economics, Government and Business

PhD fellow

Room: POR/24-3.57
E-mail: kk.egb@cbs.dk

Kristina Kazuhara is a PhD Fellow of cross-cultural management at Asia Research Centre (ARC) hosted by Department of International Economics and Management (INT) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). She holds a MA in Japan Studies from Aarhus University, and before commencing her doctoral studies, she was a Teaching Assistant Professor and later Teaching Associate Professor of Japanese at CBS since 2009.

Kristina’s research interest lies within the field of biculturalism as it relates to organizations and international business (IB). In particular, she wants to explore how multinational companies perceive of, access and use bicultural talent in their day-to-day operations. The aim of her dissertation is to extend current research on bicultural individuals in organizations by looking at the intersection between biculturalism and bilingualism and its effects on knowledge-sharing and global talent management.

Primary research areas
  • Biculturalism and international business
  • Biculturals as the new workforce demographic
  • Institutional complexity in cross-cultural meaning systems
  • Multinational corporations
  • Organizational culture
  • Ethnographic research methods


Administrative tasks

Course Coordination at Asian Studies Programme (ASP), BSc in Asian Language and Culture

2009-2016          Japanese Intro 1 (30 ECTS), Japanese Intro 2 (30 ECTS), Japanese 1 (7.5 ECTS),
                          Japanese 2 (7.5 ECTS), Japanese 3 (7.5 ECTS)
2009-2017          Japanese 4 (7.5 ECTS)
2009-2010          Japanese 5 (7.5 ECTS) – replaced by exchange as of 2011
2009-2018          Japanese 6 (7.5 ECTS)

Managerial tasks

2009-                   Head of the Japanese language faculty at Asian Studies Programme
                           (name changed to International Business in Asia as of June 2017)

2012, 2016-         Academic director, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in Denmark


Link to this homepage

2009-2016            Japanese Intro 1, Japanese Intro 2, Japanese 1, Japanese 2, Japanese 3
2009-2011, 2016   Japanese 4
2009-2010            Japanese 5
2009-2011            Japanese 6

Other teaching activities
  • Has served on the National Corps of Censors for Japan Studies since 2010