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Room: POR/24.B-1.76
E-mail: jh.egb@cbs.dk
Jasper Hotho

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business at Copenhagen Business School.

My current research focuses on the opportunities and challenges that arise from private-sector involvement in the delivery of humanitarian assistance. In particular, I leverage my academic experience in strategic and international management research to understand how humanitarian initiatives involving private-sector firms can be realised in a sustainable, ethical, and effective manner. I examine the effectiveness and sustainability of such initiatives in the context of acute as well as protracted humanitarian crises.

Methodologically, I combine in-depth qualitative research with set-theoretic and/or comparative techniques with the aim to generate insights of relevance to businesses, humanitarian organizations, and policy makers. A free copy of a recent agenda-setting article on this topic is available here: Corporate Engagement in Humanitarian Action.

Insights from my research feed into the MSc in International Business and Politics (IBP) program at CBS, where I teach and (co-)coordinate two courses. In addition, I teach and co-coordinate a PhD course on ‘Case-study approaches to Theory Building’, which focuses on the challenges involved in doing and publishing qualitative research and generating meaningful insights.



Primary research areas
  • Corporate engagement in humanitarian action
  • MNC responsible business conduct and stakeholder engagement
  • Nepotism in recruitment and selection processes


Curriculum Vitae
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  • International Business: Market and Non-Market Strategies (MSc in International Business and Politics)
  • Advanced Methods and Problem Solving in International Business and Politics (MSc in International Business and Politics)
  • Case-Study Approaches to Theory Building (CBS PhD Course)



I supervise PhD students and master students on topics related to business-society relations and humanitarian assistance.

Selected publications
  • Hotho J, Minbaeva D, Muratbekova-Touron M, Rabbiosi L. Forthcoming. Coping with favoritism in recruitment and selection: A communal perspective. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Hotho J. and Girschik V. 2019. Corporate involvement in humanitarian crises: Concepts, challenges, and areas for international business research. critical perspectives on international business, 15: 201-218.
  • Hotho J and Saka-Helmhout A.  2017. In and between societies: Reconnecting comparative institutionalism and organization theory. Organization Studies, 38: 647-666.
  • Hotho JJ, Lyles MA, and Easterby-Smith M.  2015. The mutual impact of global strategy and organizational learning: Current themes and future directions. Global Strategy Journal, 5: 85-112.
  • Hotho JJ and Pedersen T. 2012. Beyond the ‘rules of the game’: Three institutional approaches and how they matter for international business. In G Wood and M Demirbag (Eds.) Handbook of Institutional Approaches to International Business, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 236-273.



Publications sorted by:
Alison E. Holm; Jasper J. Hotho; Larissa Rabbiosi / How Stakeholders Engage Companies on Misconduct : A Configurational Lens on Stakeholder Salience.
In: Proceedings of the Eighty-First Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management . ed. /Sonia Taneja. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2021 (Academy of Management Proceedings)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Verena Girschik; Jasper J. Hotho / Managing the Unavoidable : New Avenues for Research on MNEs and Societal Crises.
In: A Research Agenda for International Business and Management . ed. /Ödül Bozkurt. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2021, p. 175-194
Book chapter > peer review
Jasper J. Hotho; Dana Minbaeva; Maral Muratbekova-Touron; Larissa Rabbiosi / Coping with Favoritism in Recruitment and Selection : A Communal Perspective.
In: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 165, No. 4, 9.2020, p. 659-679
Journal article > peer review
Jasper J. Hotho; Verena Girschik / Corporate Engagement in Humanitarian Action : Concepts, Challenges, and Areas for International Business Research.
In: Critical Perspectives on International Business, Vol. 15, No. 2/3, 2019, p. 201-218
Journal article > peer review
Alireza Saify; Joobin Ordoobody; Jasper Hotho / Coping with State-led Unglobalization : A Historical Analysis of Iran's Petroleum Industry.
In: Globalization Alternatives: Strategies for the New International Economy. . ed. /J. Mark Munoz. New York, N.Y. : Business Expert Press 2018, p. 61-71 (International Business Collection)
Book chapter
Jasper Hotho; Ayse Saka-Helmhout / In and Between Societies : Reconnecting Comparative Institutionalism and Organization Theory.
In: Organization Studies, Vol. 38, No. 5, 5.2017, p. 647-666
Journal article > peer review
Jasper J. Hotho; Marjorie A. Lyles; Mark Easterby-Smith / The Mutual Impact of Global Strategy and Organizational Learning : Current Themes and Future Directions.
In: Global Strategy Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2, 5.2015, p. 85-112
Journal article > peer review
Jasper J. Hotho; Ayse Saka-Helmhout; Florian Becker-Ritterspach / Bringing Context and Structure Back into Situated Learning
In: Management Learning, Vol. 45, No. 1, 2014, p. 57-80
Journal article > peer review
Jasper J. Hotho / From Typology to Taxonomy : A Configurational Analysis of National Business Systems and their Explanatory Power.
In: Organization Studies, Vol. 35, No. 5, 2014, p. 671-702
Journal article > peer review
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