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Carina Antonia
Head of Collective Intelligence Unit

Room: POR/24.B-4.73

Carina Antonia Hallin is one of the pioneers in the emergent science of collective intelligence. Hallin has studied collective intelligence in organizations since 2005. She is also the founder and head of the Collective Intelligence Unit at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business.
Her research interests include collective intelligence, crowd predictions, machine learning/AI, human-computer interaction, and new decision support systems for organizations and governments.

Hallin has published in the disciplines of collective intelligence, decision science, artificial intelligence, computer science, strategy and management, and her work has been cited in the Forbes magazine.

Hallin has continuously raised funding to conduct collective intelligence research both as a principal investigator and as a co-investigator.

She has co-founded a CBS spin-off that has received funding from the Innovation Fund Denmark and other investors.  

She is a member of the global community of collective intelligence scientists, and is a regularly invited speaker by both international and national public and private organizations, such as the OECD countries, the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) UK, the School of Collective Intelligence at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Novozymes, The LEGO Group, Radiometer, and other international conference organizers such as the Corporate Parity.

Primary research areas
  • Collective intelligence

  • Crowd predictions

  • Decision support systems 

  • Human-computer interaction

  • Machine learning/AI

Social media
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Collective intelligence: Crowdsourcing for Firm Innovation and Predictions

Publications sorted by:
Xin Li; Torben Juul Andersen; Carina Antonia Hallin / A Zhong-Yong Perspective on Balancing the Top-down and Bottom-up Processes in Strategy-making
In: Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, Vol. 26, No. 3, 2019, p. 313-336
Journal article > peer review
Oded Koren; Carina Antonia Hallin; Nir Perel; Dror Bendet / Decision-making Enhancement in a Big Data Environment : Application of the K-means Algorithm to Mixed Data.
In: Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Vol. 9, No. 4, 10.2019, p. 293-302
Journal article > peer review
Oded Koren; Carina Antonia Hallin; Nir Perel; Dror Bendet / Enhancement of the K-means Algorithm for Mixed Data in Big Data Platforms
In: Intelligent Systems and Applications: Proceedings of the 2018 Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys). Volume 1. . ed. /Kohei Arai; Supriya Kapoor; Rahul Bhatia. Cham : Springer 2019, p. 1025-1040 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, No. 686)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Carina Antonia Hallin; Julian Johannes Umbhau Jensen; Oded Koren; Nir Perel; Sigbjørn Tveterås / Testing Smart Crowds for the Economy
In: Proceedings of the ACM Collective Intelligence 2019. ed. /Andrés Monroy-Hernández; Melissa Valentine. New York : Association for Computing Machinery 2019
Article in proceedings > peer review
Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard; Carina Antonia Hallin / Changing the Innovation Game : Crowdsourcing in Incumbent Firms.
Paper presented at 6th Collective Intelligence, 2018
Paper > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen; Carina Antonia Hallin; Kjeld Fredens / Et netværk af hjerner : Tænk med dine medarbejdere og led med succes.
København : Gyldendal 2018, 208 p.
Book > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen; Carina Antonia Hallin / Democratizing the Multinational Corporation (MNC) : Interaction Between Intent at Headquarters and Autonomous Subsidiary Initiatives.
In: The Responsive Global Organization: New Insights from Global Strategy and International Business. . ed. /Torben Juul Andersen. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2017, p. 71-86 ( Emerald Studies in Global Strategic Responsiveness , Vol. 1)
Book chapter > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen; Carina Antonia Hallin / Global Strategic Responsiveness : Exploiting Frontline Information in the Adaptive Multinational Enterprise.
Abingdon : Routledge 2017, 168 p. (Strategy Matters, No. 1)
Book > peer review
Carina Antonia Hallin; Torben Juul Andersen; Sigbjørn Tveterås / Harnessing the Frontline Employee Sensing of Capabilities for Decision Support
In: Decision Support Systems, Vol. 97, 5.2017, p. 104-112
Journal article > peer review
Carina Antonia Hallin; Julian J. U. Jensen / Kollektiv intelligens : Adfærd og praksis i Danmarks største virksomheder.
Frederiksberg : Department of International Economics and Management, Copenhagen Business School 2017, 76 p. (Forskningsrapport CBS-INT, No. 1/2017)
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