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Bent Petersen

Except for five years as an economist at the Carlsberg Research center, I have been in various academic positions at CBS. I was post doc at HEC, France in 1993 and visiting scholar at University of Queensland, Australia (2000), University of Gothenburg (2008), and University of Southern Denmark (2011). I started as an international marketing researcher focusing on dynamics foreign operation and internationalization processes of firms. By the late 1990s my focus shifted from downstream to upstream processes (global sourcing). My original theoretical basis was transaction cost economics (which permeated my PhD thesis), but has since then spread to contractual economics in general (in addition to TCE, agency theory, and property right theory) with side jumps into the resource-dependence theory, resource-based perspective, real option theory, and value creation logics. All these different theoretical perspectives are brought together in my research and teaching in “strategic contracting”. I have worked with large-N survey data and databases as well as case studies.

Lately, I am doing research in the crossroads of international business, geopolitics, and technology. This may sound confusing, and it probably is.

Primary research areas

I have quite a diversified portfolio of research areas (a privilege of a seasoned professor?). I am currently doing research (and trying to publish it) within 4-5 different areas, including global value chains, China-Europe business relations (focusing on the maritime sector), strategic contracting in an international context, real options in international collaborations - and I also still cling to my old research field: dynamics of foreign operation modes.

Administrative tasks

Associate Dean of the EMBA in Shipping and Logistics.

Curriculum Vitae
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I am (co-) course coordinator of the following three elective courses

  • Strategisk kontrahering I et internationalt virksomhedsperspektiv (cand.merc.jur course)
  • Strategisk anvendelse af sundhedsdata (cand.merc.jur course)
  • Global Strategy: Managing Risks and Seizing Opportunities in a Turbulent World

Since 2019, I have taught a lecture, “The impact of new technologies on internationalization trajectories of manufacturing and service firms”, in the IBP course International Business: Market and Non-market Strategies


In the recent years, I have co-supervised around 20 students in connection to their master thesis. Most of the students have been enrolled in CBS’ Law and Economics program (cand merc.jur), and I am supervising these students in relation to the economic part of their thesis - supplementing the juridical supervisor (usually prof. Kim Østergaard from LAW/MPP).

Other teaching activities

I am occasionally (co-)writing teaching cases.

Selected publications

Petersen, B., Benito, G.R.G. & Welch, L.S. (2021): “Foreign operation mode flexibility: tradeoffs and managerial responses”, International Journal of the Economics of Business, 28(2): 281-307.

Petersen, B. & K. Østergaard (2018): ”Reconciling formal contracts and relational governance through strategic contracting”, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 33(3): 265-276.

Jensen, P.Ø. and B. Petersen (2014): “Value creation logics and internationalization of service firms”. International Marketing Review, 31(6): 557-575.

Jensen, P.Ø. and B. Petersen (2013): “Global sourcing of services: Risk, process, and collaborative architecture”. Global Strategy Journal, 3(1): 67-87

Petersen, B., G.R.G. Benito, and L.S. Welch (2010): “Managing the internalisation process”. Management International Review, 50(2), pp.137-154.

Petersen, B., T. Pedersen and M. Lyles (2008): “Closing knowledge gaps in foreign markets”, Journal of International Business Studies, 39(7), pp. 1097-1113.

Publications sorted by:
Hussain G. Rammala; Elizabeth L. Rose; Pervez N. Ghauri; Peter D. Ørberg Jensen; Matthias Kipping; Bent Petersen; Moira Scerri / Economic Nationalism and Internationalization of Services : Review and Research Agenda.
In: Journal of World Business, Vol. 57, No. 3, 4.2022
Review article > peer review
Bent Petersen; Luciano Ciravegna; Carlos Rodriguez / Geographical Reconfiguration in Global Value Chains : Search within Limited Space?.
In: Global Strategy Journal, 12.5.2022
Journal article > peer review
Giovanna Magnani; Stefano Denicolai; Bent Petersen / Internationalization, Value-chain Configuration, and the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing Technologies
In: Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol. 31, No. 3, 6.2022, p. 762-782
Journal article > peer review
Peter D. Ørberg Jensen; Stephan Manning; Bent Petersen / Location Flexibility in Global Supply Chains : The Efficiency-imitability Tradeoff and Sustained Competitive Advantage.
In: The New Frontiers of International Business. ed. /Hemant Merchant. New York : Springer 2022, p. 253-279 (Contributions to Management Science)
Book chapter > peer review
Catrine Ekdahl; Malene Hindkjær Henriksen; Caroline Thrane-Møller; Bent Petersen; Kim Østergaard / Værdiskabende relationer : Contract management og strategisk kontrahering.
København : Ex Tuto Publishing 2022, 258 p.
Book > peer review
Gabriel R. G. Benito; Bent Petersen; Lawrence S. Welch / Dynamics of Operation Modes : Switches and Additions.
In: The Oxford Handbook of International Business Strategy. ed. /Kamel Mellahi; Klaus Meyer; Rajneesh Narula; Irina Surdu; Alain Verbeke. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2021, p. 273-295
Book chapter > peer review
Bent Petersen; Gabriel R. G. Benito; Lawrence S. Welch / Foreign Operation Mode Flexibility : Tradeoffs and Managerial Responses.
In: International Journal of the Economics of Business, Vol. 28, No. 2, 5.2021, p. 281-307
Journal article > peer review
Hanh Song Thi Pham; Bent Petersen / The Bargaining Power, Value Capture, and Export Performance of Vietnamese Manufacturers in Global Value Chains
In: International Business Review, Vol. 30, No. 6, 12.2021
Journal article > peer review
Claes Alvstam; Inge Ivarsson; Bent Petersen / Are Multinationals and Governments from Emerging Economies Configuring Global Value Chains in New Ways?
In: International Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol. 15, No. 1, 1.2020, p. 111-130
Journal article > peer review
Bent Petersen / Case Commentary : Global Strategy Gone Astray-Maersk's Big Box Boat and the World Shipping Industry.
In: Thunderbird International Business Review, Vol. 62, No. 2, 3.2020, p. 197-198
Comment/debate > peer review
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Academic Interests

I am member of the Academy of International Business (AIB) and the European Academy of International Business (EIBA)

Research Projects
Outside activities

2008-2021: Guest Professor at the University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law - (Co-)teaching a course, Global Sourcing

2022: No outside activities to report
2023: No outside activities to report