Mogens K. Justesen receives large grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Mogens Kamp Justesen

Mogens K. Justesen has received a large grant of six million DKK from the Independent Research Fund Denmark ( The grant is given to the project “Tycoon Candidates: Why Wealthy Business Candidates Get Elected for Office and How it Matters”. The project examines why ordinary voters – including low-income groups – sometimes support wealthy businesspeople running for office in democratic elections. The project moves on to examine how the election of businesspeople for political office matters for the firms they are connected to and for public policies provided to voters and the wider society. The project will marshal evidence from survey experiments in South Africa and Ukraine as well as firm-level and election data from a large group of democratic countries around the World. The project team consists of Mogens K. Justesen (CBS, Principal Investigator), Benjamin Egerod (CBS), a postdoc based at CBS, and Stan Markus (Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina).

More information on the project can be found here

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