Caroline de la Porte and Mads Dagnis Jensen from EGB co-edits a special issue for Regulation & Governance

Caroline de la Porte and Mads Dagnis Jensen from EGB (also with Jon Kvist) have co-edited a special issue for Regulation & Governance on how exogenous challenges (the COVID-19 pandemic, market liberalization promoted by EU integration and the gig economy) and endogenous challenges (regulation of child-care quality and retirement ages) are tackled in a selection of Nordic countries.
Here is a brief video summarizing the purpose of the special issue and presenting the introductory article. The introductory article can be read here: Going Nordic – Can the Nordic Model Tackle Grand Challenges and Be a Beacon to Follow?  We show that the Nordic model characterized by involving a wide range of affected stakeholders to develop broad-based and effective solutions to common challenges. Second, the Nordic model demonstrates the advantage of displaying timely due diligence regarding challenges which are addressed in an incremental way and, in some cases, early on. Thirdly, versatility as the studies demonstrate a potential to tackle diverse grand challenges, such as technological change, European integration, pandemics, and demographic aging.
The article by Caroline de la Porte (with Trine Larsen and Åsa Lundqvist) is entitled: Still a poster child for social investment? Changing regulatory dynamics of early childhood education and care in Denmark and Sweden. Here is a brief video based on the article.
The article on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, written by Mads Dagnis Jensen with co-authors can be read here: The Nordic governments' responses to the Covid-19 pandemic: A comparative study of variation in governance arrangements and regulatory instruments. Mads Dagnis Jensen has also edited a book on all European countries on responding to the pandemic, as reported in CBS wire.  
Our research shows that the Nordic model of political economy and governance is still distinct, but that there is more variation among the Nordics than commonly acknowledged.


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