Global Strategic Responsiveness

The unit for Global Strategic Responsiveness aspires to become an internationally recognized catalyst for research on strategic adaptation and responsive multinational enterprises that can prosper and prevail in turbulent global markets. We want to create an inspiring collegial environment for strong and creative scholarship addressing the competitiveness of firms, industries, communities, and global businesses.



Corporate longevity depends on the ability to sense emerging business developments as they happen around the organization and responding to them in a proactive timely manner. This entails dynamic sharing of information between employees with deep insights from ongoing business activities and executives contemplating the longer-term direction of the firm.

The ability to integrate experiential knowledge from innovative initiatives within the organization into the forward-looking analytical strategy considerations in interactive decision-making processes is a core feature of effective strategic responses and adaptive capabilities.

The unit for Global Strategic Responsiveness wants to advance research efforts that study responsive strategy making processes in multinational enterprise and address the contemporary business challenges that are in focus at the Department of International Economics and Management.

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