New Research on U.S. Policy Responses to China's Belt and Road Initiatives


Edward Ashbee authored the article:‘We Don’t Drown our Partners in a Sea of Debt’: U.S. Policy Responses to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.


Eddie Ashbee

Edward Asbhee has published an article on U.S. policy responses to China's Belt and Road Initiatives (bri) in the Journal of American-East Asian Relations. The study investigates how the Trump administration fell back on the policy thinking of the established foreign policy community. In particular, the Trump administration’s actions in other policy arenas often stymied efforts to counter the prc and initiatives such as the build Act and “Prosper Africa” received scant resources. On the basis of this policy pattern, the article argues that policy communities at times can “harness” other counter-positioned, political currents, but ongoing ideational stresses and abrasion will inevitably characterize the process.

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