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Asia Research Centre undertakes up-to-date and cutting-edge research on current political, social, economic and business developments within its particular areas of strengths on China, India, Japan, and the region of Southeast Asia.



ARC is organised into four research units. These are:

The China research unit
The South Asia research unit
The North East Asia research unit
The Southeast Asia research unit

These units are organized with the explicit strategy of strong research not only within these areas but also within cross-regional and comparative studies and emphazises cross-disciplinary approaches to studying Asian countries.
The research at ARC includes individual projects, research collaborations (internal or external), and major centre research initiatives. Individual researchers are often involved in several of these types of projects, depending on research interests.

The core objectives of research undertaken at Asia Research Centre are to:

  • Provide comprehensible analyses of the contextual complexities in Asian business and economics
  • Understand the social, political, and cultural bases behind the opportunities and challenges faced by Asian economies
  • Identify the various economic, political, social and institutional linkages among Asian countries and how these relate to the world
  • Identify key contemporary themes that have a special bearing on Asia such as demography, diaspora, environment, education, and urbanization
  • Understand Asian institutions for economic and social governance
  • Highlight issues that are of relevance for the development of Asian economies and societies, as well as for Europe’s economic and social development.


Asia Research Centre: A research centre without borders

ARC is a loosely organised centre that consists of a core of tenured researchers, post-docs and Ph.D. students, who work within the four key research clusters that the centre focuses on: South Asia/India, China, Japan/Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. The central research themes in all clusters are related to international economics and international business and management, including relevant perspectives from other social sciences, like sociology, anthropology, and political science. Hence, ARC researchers have strong competence in their academic core disciplines, as well as an interest in and specialized knowledge about Asian economies and societies.

Although most ARC researchers have a particular focus on one of the specified key regions, they are also encouraged to work across cluster boundaries, to create inter-cluster synergy effects and research focusing on inter-regional and/or comparative issues. ARC researchers are also encouraged to seek collaborations with other departments of CBS, to broaden the base for comparative analysis and to maintain contact with their core discipline. A fundamental assumption is that new knowledge is often generated when established insights from different regions or disciplines collide.

One of the intended consequences of being a centre without fixed borders is that the centre hosts a continuous inflow of national as well as international guest researchers and Ph.D. students, who contribute to the overall ARC research environment. ARC strives to be a dynamic and inspiring research centre that is able to continuously expand its national and international reach.

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