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Corporate social responsibility has arisen as a core business competency of the company when it sources raw materials and labor-intensive goods from developing countries. Previous studies tend to focus on cases where buyers in the supply chain are European and North American retailers with big names. A growing salience of Asian buyers in global supply chains and their impacts on the perceptions and practices of social responsibility in developing countries are yet sufficiently studied. 

My dissertation aims to fill this knowledge gap by focusing on the supplier’s perspective on social responsibility if they produce for non-Western buyers. For an empirical setting, I examine Myanmar’s export-oriented garment industry since the country’s political and economic reforms in 2011.

Primary research areas
  • Social responsibility of business in developing countries
  • Global production networks of labor-intensive goods
  • Early phase of Myanmar's integration to the world economy
Curriculum Vitae
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Publications & dissemination
Magnus Andersson; Jinsun Bae / Sweden's Engagement with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
In: North Korean Review, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2015, p. 42–62
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