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Education provides the main basis for the dissemination of the department’s research. INT faculty lectures at all levels from bachelor to PhD programs. Research-based teaching is achieved by lecturers focusing their courses on topics related to their specific research areas. Today, INT is responsible for the teaching programs that naturally relate to our core research areas:  the BSc IB, the MSc IBS, HD-IB, as well as the Asian Studies Programme ASP. The department also offers bachelor and masters electives exploiting the specific strengths of individual researchers. Finally we are also strongly involved in the Service Management programs especially in the area of Tourism and Hospitality.

The department designs and staffs its programs to reflect its specific research competences in international business, international economics, Asia studies, emerging markets and corporate governance. The programs are anchored in a shared fundamental understanding of international business related themes. The relation to research is secured by meetings among program directors and research center leaders.

INT offers programs at different levels:


Bachelor of Science in International Business (HA-level)

The Bachelor of Science in International Business familiarizes students with international business and economics principles, so they can solve the complex problems they will meet as employees in multinational companies.

The program covers various aspects - from theory to strategy - through the use of the scientific disciplines within a variety of different research areas. Along the way, students will learn about the basic elements and functions within international business companies, and the dynamic relationship between external and internal elements.

The International Business program has several courses in basic business education. The three main course categories are: methods, economics, and management. While this categorization is also true of most of CBS’ programs, there are several aspects, which are different from the other bachelor programs. Mainly, the focus is on International Business, i.e. on doing business abroad. This focus is exemplified by the fact that the IB program starts and finishes with two fundamental courses, namely: International Business Environment and International Business Strategy. While the first describes the variety of the issues that an international business faces, the latter analyses the strategic choices to be made. In between, the program offers courses that give a thorough grounding in several issues, from Accounting to Corporate Finance and from Intercultural Corporate Communication to Global Supply Management.


The HD Program in International Business (HD 2nd part)

(HD 2. del - International Business) is a part-time study at bachelor level, which provides the students with the tools for taking part in the management of the internationalized company whether in the form of expanding to new international markets, sourcing or establishing and managing offshore subsidiaries.


Master of Science in International Business (Cand Merc-level)

The MSc IB focuses on the multinational firm, and examines the strategic choices these firms need to make to compete in the global economy. The program takes a holistic view of the international business environment in terms of the trade, competition and investment conditions, and how these are determined by the policies and regulations established by governments and supranational organizations.

The program highlights the specific challenges associated with managing multinational corporations in markets that are explicitly international and increasingly interdependent.

International Business is a program that explicitly focuses on creating a cross-disciplinary understanding to its subject matter.



The department offers a series of electives both at the bachelor and master levels. The electives can be found at the web-sites of the study programs.


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