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Danish Crowdsourcing is an organization collaborating with practitioners and academia on the effects of crowdsourcing methods and processes. Danish crowdsourcing aim to inspire those working within the field, and to provide experts as well as newcomers the opportunity to network with and learn from their peers.

Flemming Gammelgaard

Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard
Founder of Danish Crowdsourcing

Diana Nielsen Daiana Fobian Nielsen
Founder of Danish Crowdsourcing

COSMIC PEOPLE  Cosmic People

Cosmic People is a crowd agency that gives competitive power to companies through crowdsourcing ideas. Those ideas can be used in strategic research, innovation and content production.
Pernille Simmelkiaer

Pernille Simmelkiær
CEO of Cosmic People

Peter Stenbaek Peter Stenbæk
Creative Director of Cosmic People


Novozymes is a biotech company focusing on production of enzymes and microbes and providing innovative answers to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Their biological solutions improve industrial manufacturing processes by saving energy, water and raw materials, while reducing waste and emissions, and helping make everyday products more sustainable.
Frank Hatzack Frank Hatzack
Head of Innovation Development at Novozymes


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