Collective Intelligence Unit

Academic & Corporate Events

October 2017
Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin presents “Crowd Foresight – Letting the Frontline Predict”. The conference, “Great Organizations don’t Guess – Digital Tools for Insight and Future Studies”, hosted by The Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, featured innovations in strategic methods for Danish corporations.
March 2017
Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin speaks at the “2nd Annual R&D Excellence Summit: Intelligence and Deep Insights to Guide Innovation Summit” in Amsterdam. Hallin is invited by Head of Innovation Development at Novozymes to present a keynote speech on collective intelligence and crowd predictions for better foresight.  
Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin speaks at a Collective Intelligence event in Copenhagen hosted by Cosmic People. Hallin speaks on the state of collective intelligence and crowdsourcing practices in Denmark’s largest corporations. 
November 2016
Kick Off seminar: The Prediction Project in the Financial Sector. Advancing predictability of Fluctuations Integrating Big Data and Crowdsourcing of Predictions in the Financial Sector
October 2016
Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin speaks on collective intelligence at a brunch event to Danish top businesses hosted by Danish Marketing and Cosmic People.
September 2016
Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin participates at the Danish Industry Business Summit. This year the summit brought together more than 1,000 senior executives, politicians, opinion-formers and decision makers, under the title Transforming Denmark – Winning the Future.
June 2016
Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin speaks at the Collective Intelligence Conference 2016 in New York, hosted by NYU Stern Business School. 


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