Collective Intelligence Unit

The research agenda of Collective Intelligence Unit is to explore the collective intelligence of private and public organizations and its’ impact on advanced strategic decision making and financial performance.


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Our approach to the study of collective intelligence

We cooperate with private and public organizations on co-financed research projects to test collective intelligence related to crowdsourcing of predictions, creativity and innovation.

Our research focuses on the following areas:

To investigate collective intelligence behavior and practices in private and public organizations

To study leadership and team characteristics that hinder and create opportunities for collective intelligence
   behavior and practices

To examine organizational structures that hinder and create opportunities for collective intelligence
   behavior and practices

To test the value of crowd predictions in the forecasting of performance-based measures (KPIs),
   product and service development, strategic scenarios, communication strategies, climate change,
   corruption and terror, accidents, incidents and fuzzy events

To examine the integration of the firm’s existing quantitative forecasting models with crowd predictions

To explore the integration of crowd predictions and Big Data to develop new prediction models

To explore the level of predictability, knowledge and diversity of effective crowds

To apply human computation and experiments to study predictive capabilities of individuals


You are welcome to contact us for an introductory meeting on how we can collaborate with you on Collective Intelligence research projects.

Please contact Carina Antonia Hallin.



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cCarina Antonia Hallin
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Mobile: +45 27 84 33 10

flFrederik Kjøller Larsen
Project Manager
julian jensen portraitJulian Johannes Umbhau Jensen
Student Researcher
cCecilie Olesen
Research Assistant & Project Manager
StinaStina Slott Rasmussen
Student Researcher
bBrian Christopher Poll
Student Researcher

lLuca Brügger
Student Researcher
eElena Ercolani 
Student Researcher
kristine-pontoppidan-100x100px.jpgKristine Pontoppidan
Project Manager
SME Crowdsourcing Lab
Daiana Fobian Nielsen
SME Crowdsourcing Lab
Anne Sofie Lind
Research Affiliated


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