Center for Leisure and Culture Services

Our research focuses on trans-disciplinary issues in various businesses in the leisure and cultural industries, such as the fine arts, transportation, hospitality, destination management and heritage sites. CLCS aims to be a leading research center, with emphasis on global contemporary and emerging issues relevant to practice communities.


The roles of CLCS are

Research excellence: CLCS sets the research agenda in the field of leisure and cultural industries research by addressing, evaluating and theorizing emerging and salient issues, e.g. social media and tourist experiences, sustainable tourist consumption and the social construction of aesthetics;

Engaged scholarship: CLCS mindfully engages society and the practice community, by addressing societal and industry concerns in its research, e.g. management of stakeholder interests in tourism, using employee insights in business forecasting;

Educational value: CLCS is engaged in shaping the future of higher education in areas of service, leisure and cultural industries. It actively contributes to the development of innovative research-grounded learning environments.

Staff introduction

Can Seng Ooi is Professor and the Director of the Center for Leisure and Culture Services Research. He is an anthropologist and sociologist by training. His research areas include cultural tourism, tourism strategy, place branding, cultural policy, art worlds, cross-cultural management, international business strategy, and most recently, social media.

Ana María Munar holds a M.Sc. in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Business and Economics. Her research interests are tourism and information and communication technologies, globalization processes, destination branding, and policy and trends in tourism education. Her latest work examines the role of digital mediation on cultural change and social reproduction.

Adriana Budeanu research competence and interest lies in strategic environmental management and sustainable development within tourism with a special focus on the issues created in connection to mass tourism. Her current research focuses on three primary areas: 1) Sustainable leisure and lifestyles, 2) Strategic environmental management, and 3) Regional networks and public policies regarding sustainable tourism.

Carina Antonia Hallin holds a master of science in International Business Administration and a Ph.D in strategic management. Carina’s research interests include strategic decision-making processes,  prediction markets, knowledge aggregation and innovation  Her current research include: 1) to test stakeholders’ sensing of operational capabilities and its’ impact on financial firm performance, and 2) to compare national differences of firms’ open innovation efforts in developed versus emergent markets.

Shevren Lai is a PhD candidate and works in the public service in Malaysia and has done so since 2001. She started her Ph.D at Copenhagen Business School in July 2010 on a scholarship from the Malaysian government. Her research projects concerns cultural tourism in Malaysia and UNESCO recognition as an emphasis of destination competiveness. Furthermore, the project focuses on actor participation in the anchoring of, and the administration of the world heritage. Shevren was the director of “Malaysia, My second home Centre”, the ministry of tourism in Malaysia. She plans, coordinates and participates in promotional activities, seminars and excursions in order to promote inland as well as foreign tourism.




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