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Outward FDI from emerging economies

This line of research analyses outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) from emerging economies in a comparative perspective. OFDI has become an increasingly important aspect of the internationalization and economic development of emerging economies. The research projects under this line of inquiry look into motives, locational determinants and dynamics of OFDI. Particular attention is paid to the relationship between OFDI and knowledge seeking by emerging economy firms. Methodologically, this research comprises of both qualitative and quantitative analyses, where the former is case based and the latter is based on large firm-level datasets. Geographically, the research includes e.g. Chinese knowledge-seeking investments in Europe and OFDI from Central and East European countries. This line of research is also linked to a bi-annual CBS conference series.

Contact person: Peter Gammeltoft 


Politics – Institutions – Economy (PIE) for the BRIIC countries

The emerging markets started their catching up process after quite deep changes in their economic institutions. The project analyses this institutional change in the context of politics and economic development in the five largest emerging markets: Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia and China. The analysis is done within the framework of Niels Mygind’s PIE-model for analysis of society dynamics through the interaction of Politics – Institutions – Economy and the surrounding world. The PIE model is e.g. used for analysing the role of the elite and different social groups, income and wealth distribution, development in political and economic institutions, economic policies, growth patterns and structural changes in the economy. The relation to the surrounding world and the globalization process influencing and influenced by the growth of the BRIICs is also a central part of the analysis.

Contact person: Niels Mygind


Multinational subsidiaries’ evolution in Central and East Europe

This research project focuses on the evolution of multinational subsidiaries based in selected Central and East European economies. The research is based on a multi-annual survey of foreign subsidiaries in the region. Research analyses how intra-organizational and location-specific external factors relate to foreign subsidiaries’ research and innovation activities.

Contact person: Björn Jindra


Technology upgrading in emerging markets

Technological upgrading is a multidimensional process and is based on structural change in various dimensions: technological, industrial, and organizational. It is also an outcome of global forces embodied in trade, global value chains, and investment flows as well as local strategies pursued by firms and governments. The research project identifies paths for technology upgrading in key emerging economies using a statistical framework based on patent-based indicators.

Contact person: Björn Jindra


Responsible business conduct in emerging and developing countries

The project deals with inclusive and responsible business conduct in emerging and developing countries. This includes issues such as strategic CSR, social entrepreneurship development, value chain optimization and social upgrading. The research is primarily of qualitative nature with applications in the electronics (China) and garment industry (Bangladesh). The project is practice oriented.

Contact person: Elizabeth Boye


The brewing industry

The brewing industry is one of few truly global industries, where almost every country in the world has domestic production capability, at the same time as large global players like Heineken, Carlsberg, and SAB are present in almost every market. This combination reflects an industry where production technology is simple, but where other links in the value chain (distribution, marketing) are very complex and exhibit large economies of scale. By essentially holding production technology constant, this project makes it possible to analyse other elements of market development, competition, and internationalization with more clarity.

Contact person: Kristian Jakobsen

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