Steen Thomsen publishes book: The Danish Industrial Foundations

Steen Thomsen has published the book “The Danish Industrial Foundations”.



In January 2017, Steen Thomsen officially published the book “The Danish Industrial Foundations”. The book provides an introduction to the topic of industrial foundations. It is based on the findings from the research project, but aims for the general reader without specialist knowledge.

Industrial foundations are foundations that own companies. Typically, they combine charitable and business goals. This book is about industrial foundation ownership of business companies and what we can learn about it from the Danish evidence. It is about how foundation ownership is ruled, taxed and governed, what role it plays in the Danish economy, and how industrial foundation-owned companies perform. The book is the result of a large collaborative research project, led by the author, on industrial foundations.

Some global companies such as IKEA, Robert Bosch or the Tata Group are foundation-owned, but nowhere are they as numerous as in Denmark. Three of the four largest Danish companies – the pharma company Novo Nordisk, the shipping company A.P. Møller-Mærsk, and the Carlsberg brewery – are all foundation-owned.

The book is available for purchase on Djøf's webpage.





Chapter 1. What are “Industrial Foundations”?

Chapter 2. Industrial Foundations in Theory

Chapter 3. Industrial Foundation Law and Supervision

Chapter 4. Taxation of Industrial Foundations

Chapter 5. Industrial Foundations around the World

Chapter 6. Industrial Foundations in the Danish

Chapter 7. The Performance of Danish Foundation-Owned companies

Chapter 8. The Governance of Industrial Foundations

Chapter 9. The Charters of Industrial Foundations

Chapter 10. The Philanthropy of Industrial Foundations


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