CCG research seminar with Dr. B.V. Phani, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Friday, May 23, 2014 - 13:00 to 14:00

Center for Corporate Governance invites you to a seminar with Dr. B.V. Phani, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Dr. Phani will give a seminar on Board Structure and Ethnicity.

Research on company board structures has focused on independence and more recently on the diversity and competencies of board members. Although the results have generally been inconclusive, corporate governance codes around the world recommend greater independence and more diversity regardless of national context. This study of Indian corporate governance goes beyond the established categories to examine the role of ethnic communities. We explain the role of ethnic communities in fostering intra community trust and cooperation which may enhance business efficiency, particularly when the formal legal system is weak and slow. Based on director names we classify directors of listed Indian companies according to ethnic community. We show that the directors tend to cluster in ethnic communities and that individual companies tend to be dominated by a single community. We calculate insider/outsider ratios and relate them to company behavior and performance.

Porcelænshaven 24, 2nd floor, room 2.68
2000 Frederiksberg

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