Call for papers CJAS fall 2018

Special issue of CJAS on India ‘Nation Building initiatives’ and businesses in India.

Since 2014, the government of India has launched several policies and initiatives as part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives. While ‘Make in India’ is an initiative to transform India into a manufacturing and design hub, ‘Skill India’ aims at training over 400 million people in India in different skills by 2022 to support the ‘Make in India’ program, ‘Start-up India’ campaign is a move to boost entrepreneurship and encourage startups; and  the ‘Digital India’ program envisions to transform India into a digitally empowered society. These programs are planned to be supported by economic corridors, coastal economic zones, national manufacturing and industrial zones and SEZs; and are expected to be the game changers —catalysts that can mobilize local and foreign investment, accelerate growth of businesses in India, and generate productive employment. In addition, a number of social initiatives including Smart Cities Mission, Clean India, Jan-dhan Yojana, and Affordable Housing among others are also expected to push growth of businesses. More recently, demonetization and introduction of GST have been projected as game changers. A critical question is how these initiatives have affected businesses in India.

This special issue ‘Nation Building initiatives and businesses under the present government’ is seeking original research articles on the effects of these initiatives on business growth and corporate behavior. The main areas of interest ( but not restricted to) are:

  • Design and Implementation of these programs, their  outputs and limitations
  • Their effects on productive and infrastructural investment, FDI, trade, industrial growth, productivity growth, innovations and employment
  • The role of the corporate sector in their implementation and link between corporate social responsibility and these programs.

Empirical and theoretical papers as well as case studies are welcome. All articles will be refereed.

Please submit your article to by 1 August 2018. Be sure to note that your work is intended for the Special Issue

See links above for further information and author’s instructions.

We are looking forward to receiving your contribution.

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