Workshop on Special Economic Zones

SEZ's are an often used tool to boost investments in Asia - we invited 4 experts to learn form the example of SEZ's in Poland

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 14:30 to 16:30

Workshop on Special Economic Zones

Paper 1: Attracting Investors to SEZs: The case of Poland.
Speakers: Tomasz Dorożyński, Janusz Świerkocki, Wojciech Urbaniak, University of Lodz

Paper 2: Policy evaluation using multi-level panel designs: Institutional capacity building among Polish regional zones administrations
Speaker: Camilla Jensen,  External Lecturer at CBS and SDU

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Abstract paper 1
“…Our study on Polish SEZs focuses on the assessment of factors driving the success of a particular zone among foreign and domestic entrepreneurs seeking investment locations to pursue economic operations. Due to the unprecedented number of zones in the new EU Member States for a single country, their long presence and relatively high importance for the economy, Poland makes a good case for research.”   

Abstract paper 2
“…Using an economic-structural regional employment model the paper investigates the performance of zones administrations overall in attracting investment and employment and also explores inter-zone differences trying to answer why some zones are much more successful relative to other zones on the two margins of employment creation: reeking in large projects (intensive margin) and attracting new investors (extensive margin).”

Tomasz Dorożyński, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at Department of International Trade, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz (Poland). He is a member to several prestigious international organisations of researchers and experts in international economics and business, such as: EIBA, European Economics and Finance Society, REIN Network, AIB-CEE Chapter, EIBA Poland. His research achievements include ca. 90 reviewed publications (after 2008).

Janusz Świerkocki, Ph.D., is a full professor and head of Department of International Trade, Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Lodz (Poland). He is a member of the European International Business Academy, European Economics and Finance Society, Congress of Political Economists International, Polish European Community Association and Lodz Learned Society. He authored and co-authored over 90 reviewed publications, including 6 books.

Wojciech Urbaniak, Ph.D., is a senior lecturer at Department of International Trade, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz (Poland). He is a member of European International Business Academy and European Economics and Finance Society.

Camilla Jensen (MA in Economics and English, PhD in Economics both from University of Southern Denmark) has served as Assistant and Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, External Lecturer in Comparative Economics at Copenhagen University and Associate Professor at Kadir Has University in Istanbul and Director of Studies and Associate Professor at Nottingham School of Economics in Malaysia. She has also been a Research Fellow with the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE) in Warsaw.


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