Inaugural Lecture: Adjunct Professor Friis Arne Petersen

On 3 June an Inaugural Lecture will be held for Adjunct Professor Friis Arne Petersen. The topic of the lecture is' China as the World’s Largest Economy in a New and Much Changed International World Order'. The Inaugural will be followed by an informal reception.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - 14:00 to 16:00
The US-Russia relationship has plunged to a new low since the end of the Cold War and China is more assertive than ever before and proposes a new major power relationship tailor-made for China and the US. The US has led sanctions on Russia because of the crisis in Ukraine. Russia’s membership of the G8 is suspended. Obama characterizes Russia as one of the world’s biggest 3 threats due to extremism and Ebola. Meanwhile there is a strong intensification of Chinese-Russian political and economic ties.
The economic power of the world moves quickly to the East and China continues to be the growth engine of the world. Growth in China is however lowered to approximately 7% and the Government needs to take the necessary decisions to sustain the future growth model. At the same time China’s foreign policy has become more assertive. Significant new Free Trade agreements are proposed, the new Asia Infrastructure Investment development bank is launched despite American opposition and the biggest Chinese international initiative championed ever - The Silk Road economic Initiative and the 21st Century Maritime silk Road.
The US economy is steadily recovering and likely to grow about 2, 5% this year. The Obama administration maintains its “Rebalancing” policy towards China in a mix of engagement and containment. China and Xi Jinping on its side proposes a new “major power relationship” tailor-made for the two biggest powers of today and tomorrow. Will the New Normal International Order therefore be continued US dominance because of military power or Chinese dominance because of economic power or maybe most likely a new type of co-operational order in a more interdependent world where the EU, Japan, India and other significant countries will play a decisive role?
Friis Arne Petersen was recently nominated as Adjunct Professor in international business and international relations at the Asia Research Centre. Mr. Petersen has since the late 1970s held several positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, including Permanent Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1997-2005 and Ambassador of Denmark to the US 2005-2010. He is currently Ambassador of Denmark to China. In August 2015, he will take up the position as Ambassador of Denmark to Germany. In addition to his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Mr. Petersen has held several board positions, and he has also been a frequent lecturer at CBS and other prominent universities in Europe, the US and China.
14:00  Welcome and Introduction by Professor Ari Kokko, Director of Asia Research Centre and Professor Peter Møllgaard, Dean of Research
14:15  Inaugural Lecture by Friis Arne Petersen
15:00 Reception
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