Guest lecture with Chris John Jephson

Guest lecture with Chris John Jephson, Director of Maersk Line, responsible for Global Learning Design, Development & Implementation and Author of "Creating Global Opportunities"

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 13:30 to 15:00

Today's trade is global. A company can choose to have its headquarters in one part of the world, its production facilities in another and sell its brands in all markets. Since the first sea-borne container transport took place in 1956, the container shipping industry has been one of the main facilitators of the globalisation of trade. This presentation will trace the rise to prominence of Maersk Line between 1973 and 2013 as well as two spin-off organisations: Maersk's supply chain company's transformation from Mercantile to Maersk Logistics and today´s Damco, as well as the role of infrastructure investments in APM Terminals. These developments will be put into the context of globalisation. The discussion will also describe some of the challenges of building a global business.

Chris John Jephson has been working with Maersk Line since the 1970’s; he has among other things developed the Supply Chain Management business concept of Maersk and been responsible for Global Client Development Strategies as well as Global Learning Design. 

Together with Henning Morgen, General Manager in Group Communications and Branding at Maersk, he published the book Creating Global Opportunities in 2012. 

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