Department of International Economics and Management

Department of International Economics & Management (INT) does high quality research in: International Business, Corporate Governance, Emerging Markets, Asian Studies and Culture Services. We disseminate results to business and society and deliver high quality teaching.

INT was founded in 1932. Our teaching and research is driven by the internationalization of business and the globalization process, which to a still higher extent is about management of multinational companies in a fast changing world.

INT vision  

INT research and teaching will continue to be in the front in relation to the globalization process including the challenge of a new global economic order with changes in the balance between developed and emerging economies. We will continue to create and disseminate new knowledge in international economics and management supporting companies in managing the challenges and exploiting the opportunities of this new global economic order.

The INT research centers aim for the highest academic quality and they are benchmarked to the world leading research groups while at the same time disseminating new knowledge of high relevance to both local and global business and society.

INT continues to develop the highly demanded educational programs in International Business at Bachelor, Master, and Diploma levels and we will also offer programs at the MBA and executive levels including more focused areas such as International Corporate Governance and Emerging Markets.

INT researchers create and disseminate research-based knowledge in international economics and management including knowledge on the “new” emerging economies and their interaction with the “old” economies in the continuing globalization process.

INT research is at the international frontier both for contextual analysis including area studies as well as the relevant disciplines within corporate governance, international economics and international business – disciplines which themselves are multidisciplinary including economics, finance, law, etc. The group of researchers at INT combines deep area specific knowledge with expertise in international business, economics, corporate governance and other relevant fields.

INT’s research centers go deep into specific fields and at the same our research is cross-disciplinary exploiting the synergy between our centers. Much of our research are crossing the centers and disciplines like: the Chinese economy and how to do business in China; Governance in State Owned Enterprises in China; the development in the global beer industry; Outward FDI from emerging markets. 

INT values

INT has a broad international and disciplinary diversity. The majority of our researchers are from outside Denmark. We encourage active participation in international networks. Our researchers are frequent participants at international conferences and workshops and regularly spend time as guest researchers all over the globe. We have many international guests visiting our department for shorter and longer periods.

Our international diversity facilitates comparative research on institutions, cultures, business practices etc.  In our research on international business in Asia, for example, we actively strive to avoid a Western ethnocentric perspective, emphasizing the need for an understanding of business culture also seen from the Eastern side, as provided by staff with deep knowledge of local languages, culture and history.

INT researchers are committed to high academic quality research combined with high emphasis on dissemination both in teaching and through wider dissemination to society and business. We strive to:

  • publish in leading international journals and in books from leading academic publishers
  • provide an excellent research and teaching environment
  • seek synergy between research and teaching
  • maintain mutually fruitful two-way contacts with private industry and public authorities
  • maintain an open and flexible environment, encouraging initiative and promoting individual talent

We encourage a collegial culture valuing knowledge-sharing, active seminar participation, collegial reviewing of research output, experienced staff mentoring younger colleagues, and co-authorships not only within each research center, but also at the department level.

Our results are based on innovative and committed staff encouraged by an open and participative leadership style build on transparency, accountability and empowerment of the employees.



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