CBDS research seminar with Dr. Neil Coe

State of the art and future research

Monday, November 7, 2011 - 15:00 to 17:00

The centre for business and development studies (CBDS) invites to a research seminar Nov. 07 2011: 

Global Production Networks and Labour: state of the art and future research with

Dr. Neil Coe, University of Manchester

Discussants: Lone Riisgaard (DIIS) and Peter Lund-Thomsen (CBDS)

Chaired by: Peter Wad (CBDS) 


With the launch of the Global Production Network (GPN) perspective in the early 2000s the discourse of drivers of economic development was taking a step forward from the state-market debate. GPN-studies intended to include labour, consumers and civil society organisations as key agents of socio-economic development through global production networks. The seminar will take stock of this research agenda and address issues of socio-spatial organisation of labour and promotion of international labour standards.

The seminar starts with an introduction by Neil Coe to the theme of ‘GPN, Development and Labour’ followed by comments from Lone Riisgaard, DIIS, taking a Global Value Chain perspective, and from Peter Lund-Thomsen, CBS, applying a CSR perspective.

Neil Coe is professor of economic geography at the School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester. He co-initiated the GPN-perspective and has written extensively on uneven geographies of globalization, global production networks in service industries and the role of labour in development (home page: http://staffprofiles.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/Profile.aspx?Id=neil.coe)


LIMITED SEATING so registration is necessary: please send an email with your name, position and institution to Kaja T. Jorem at ktj.ikl@cbs.dk

CBDS is a research centre at CBS which focuses on business strategies in developing countries. This seminar is the first in the Centre’s new seminar series 'Business in Developing Countries'. 

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