Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics


The Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics offers a wide range of teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels.


INO mostly teaches organizational economics at the undergraduate level. Organizational economics is applying economic theory and thinking on organizations. It is building on micro economics including game theory, but also on behavioral theories and economic psychology. INO thus is teaching subjects like the theory of the firm, vertical and horizontal boundaries of the firm, make-or-buy decisions and outsourcing, contract economics, agency theory, law & economics principles, intellectual property rights, and strategy, including the resource based view on the firm and strategy. Under a broad definition, organizational economics also includes industrial economics. INO is delivering such teaching to the following bachelor programs:

  • HA-mat
  • HA-jur
  • HA-psyk
  • BLC

INO is responsible for the BSc programme HA-Entrepreneurship, which is a specialization in the bachelors' program.


Innovation is a key focus of the majority of INO research activities, and as such serves as an excellent underpinning of advanced level teaching. The INO flagship of innovation teaching is the MIB MSc in Economics & Business Administration ie. the concentration program in management of innovation and business development. The specialization continues to attract very talented students, including a high percentage of international students, and consistently receives excellent student evaluations. 8-10 INO professors contribute with their specialized expertise to this program.

INO plays a significant role in the development of teaching activities within the BioBusiness area.

The BioBusiness and Innovation Platform (BBIP) offers the MSc in Bioentrepreneurship. The partners of BBIP are Copenhagen Business School (CBS), DTU Department of Systems Biology, and University of Copenhagen (KU). BBIP is a platform for learning the skills required to translate life science into entrepreneurship and business. The learning opportunities offered from this platform include a master degree in bioentrepreneurship, single courses at masters and PhD levels, and a minor consisting of three key courses from the masters program. BBIP is developed in close cooperation with Denmark’s leading life science firms.

INO is also heavily involved in the MSc in Innovation in Health Care which is starting up in 2016. With a focus on the unique work context of health care organizations, students will learn to analyze health care innovations as business cases and develop actionable skills for their design and implementation. Courses draw on industry experts, high quality academic faculty and real life cases. The program is offered together with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen.

INO also offers a series of single courses on innovation to other graduate educations such as the Cand. Soc. in Creative Business Processes, and MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law (cand.merc.jur.).

Continuing Education

HD part II in Innovation Management is a new Diploma Program at CBS starting September 2016. The entire program is taught in English and accommodates working and geographically distant students by offering block courses and online elements. The program is using an interdisciplinary approach to innovation management by including relevant aspects of strategy, management, marketing, organization, funding and networking.

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