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Inter-firm organisation and innovation

Addressing both policy and strategic management issues, this project investigates economic mechanisms affecting the evolution of a knowledge and R&D intensive industry. Focus is on technological development, innovation, and competitive advantages and performance achieved through various inter-organisational forms. The theoretical framework stems mainly from an industrial economic perspective.

Henrich Dahlgren, Research fellow at IVS
Knowledge protection and diffusion in university-corporate partnerships in biotechnology

Based on a survey questionnaire this project investigates how Danish university scientists contribute to the commercial development of biotechnology inventions. What are these scientists' experiences with patenting? How often do the associated university-business cooperations succeed - and under what conditions? How does the prospect of patenting affect scientists' research choices?

Lee Davis, Associate professor at IVS
Institutionalising public controversies over biotech innovation

The project traces in a comparative fashion attempts to 'institutionalise' the articulation of public concerns and controversies over biotech innovation (e.g. GM food, stem cell research, genetic testing etc.) in ethics' committees, public debates, consensus conferences etc. It aims to compare the politico-cultural backgrounds, the specific modes of operation and effects of institutional developments in this area in Denmark, the UK
and Germany, and assess the effects (if any) of public concerns on the operations of innovation environments.

Janus Hansen, Assistant professor, CBP
When should universities not do basic research? Extending the rationale and role for university research

This study re-examines the place for university research in the development of new scientifico-technical fields, and explores the implications of this role for our understanding of the division of scientific labour, the interplay between key actors in the research systems, and science policy. The empirical backdrop for the study is the Danish biochip research milieu, and its methodology relies on both bibliometric and case study analysis.

Maria Theresa Larsen, Ph.D project at IVS
Business Opportunities for Danish High-tech Companies in an Emerging Economy

This project studies Denmark's and India's Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Software Industries with focus on opportunities for outsourcing from Danish to Indian partners.

Murali Patibandla, Associate professor, and Bent Petersen, Professor, both at INT
How nations matter for science-based business: Comparing Danish and Swedish biotechnology?

With new data from a comprehensive mapping of all Danish and Swedish biotech firms we identify differences in their specialisation, in their exchanges with public science and venture capital and other key parameters of national technology systems. We examine how differences between the two systems impact on performance of each of the two systems and of specific industry segments.

Professor Finn Valentin at IVS and Rasmus Lund Jensen, Analyst at IVS
Reporting on Corporate Values to Capital Markets - case of biotechnology companies

This project takes an accounting perspective on companies in biotechnology. It aims at providing information and tools for practitioners as well as for academics who are interested in biotech from a business reporting perspective. A framework will be developed for reporting on value relevant company information in order to improve decision-making in capital allocation, relying on the company’s willingness to increase transparency need to keep its cost of capital down. An improved framework for reporting is expected to encourage added transparency in reporting on business values, which is desirable for the business community and for the wider economy.

Edward Vali, Ph.D. fellow, RR


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