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The COMBI Research Programme
Biotech Business takes its point of departure in the three-year research programme on Competence, Organisation and Management in Biotech Industries (COMBI).

COMBI is a programme for joint research between CBS and representative companies and research organisations in Danish biotechnology. COMBI research is focused on several major areas of the Danish biotech sector, but particular emphasis is placed on the study of Dedicated Biotech Firms (DBFs).

The COMBI research programme has the following main objectives:

  • To generate new data that will allow a comprehensive analysis of Danish biotechnology and its exchange with its key environment of public science, venture capital and the pharmaceutical industry
  • To develop and apply novel approaches in quantitative analysis of e.g. R&D profiles, innovation networks, and the value of patents
  • To expose and develop research in an ongoing dialogue with the Danish biotech community on issues of managing science-based companies and on trends in the key context of the sector - provided by venture capital, public science and the pharmaceutical industry
  • To enhance a theoretical understanding of issues of management, organisation and competitiveness in science-driven sectors.

COMBI research is organised into three distinct research projects:

BIO-DYN, Industry and firm dynamics in Danish biotech
Finn Valentin
Studies the developments of DBFs, and their key external relationships to e.g. venture capital, universities and pharma-companies. The project generates and analyses quantitative data from its proprietary construction of a comprehensive database of all Scandinavian biotech firms, refered to as SCANBIT.

ORG-MAN, Organisation and management in biotech firms
Studies research management and strategy in DBFs, using new structured case observations and quantitative data from SCANBIT.

UNI-COR, Knowledge protection and diffusion in university-corporate partnerships in biotechnology
Lee Davis
Studies the implications of university-corporate partnerships with regards to the commercial development of valuable new ideas in biotechnology. The project is based on quantitative analysis of proprietary, new data from a survey of public scientists in biotechnology. Data is exchanged with SCANBIT records.
Even though COMBI has three distinct projects, they nevertheless form one coherent programme, studying closely connected phenomena in the biotech sector and analysing them from related theoretical points of departure. Above all, what gives coherence and synergy between projects is that they address the same underlying issues. Furthermore, projects have been selected and designed so that they together cover the different stages of biotech R&D, going from discovery (e.g. of new therapeutic targets) through development, until resultant patents are claimed and have their value assessed.

The key activities of the programme are to carry out the four research projects outlined in Section II of this proposal. Nevertheless, this activity will involve substantial interaction with the above partners from the Danish biotech community. From them, data and experience will be extracted and analysed, and each company receives feedback from the research, to which they have contributed. On an informal level there will be an ongoing exchange within each project.

Furthermore, regular seminars will provide a meeting place for programme researchers and the Danish biotech community. Here, progress in research will be reported, international guest researchers will present recent work, and programme partners may share their experiences. Annual one-day conferences will be arranged, in the final year of the programme transformed to an international conference on the management and economics of biotechnology.

For more information about COMBI research projects, please refer to Publications / Working Paper 2004-01.

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