Peter Høngaard Andersen becomes adjunct professor


One of the top players in the Danish pharmaceutical industry is appointed adjunct professor in early December at the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics. The appointment will be followed by a conference.


In early December CBS will celebrate the appointment of Peter Hønggaard Andersen to adjunct professor. He is CEO of Innovation Fund Denmark and has an impressive career in the pharmaceutical industry.
- Peter Høngaard Andersen is appointed because of his great work in the pharmaceutical industry, his contribution to new forms of cooperation in medical innovation as well as his work in bringing together public and private interests in the pharmaceutical industry, says Finn Valentin.
Finn Valentin is professor at the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics and Director of Center at Research Center on Biotech Business.  

Lundbeck and Novo
Peter Høngaard Andersen has been CEO of Innovation Fund Denmark since May 2014. For decades he has been at the center of the pharmaceutical industry. In 2013 he left his position as Senior Vice President for Global Public Affairs and Corporate Patents and Trademarks fixes at Lundbeck to seek new challenges.
Before his employment at Lundbeck, which was 14 years, he worked at Novo Nordisk. He has also chaired the Research Directors Group of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

New programmes
The appointment is also based on Peter Høngaard Andersen's contribution to CBS' work in creating programmes within healthcare and bio. For example the MSc in Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship programme, which CBS is offering in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark.
The official appointment is on 4 December where Peter Høngaard Andersen will give his inaugural lecture. The appointment will be marked with a conference, where Jason Hwang and Svend Hartling among others will give lectures.

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