Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics

The Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics (INO) is a strategy-oriented department based on modern organizational economics. The Department research field is the ”organisation of economic activities”.


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The Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics (INO) has the explicit ambition to cement and develop its role as a leading European research environment in innovation as well as contribute to the understanding and development of society’s economic organisation. and why activities are organised in markets, companies, industries and other "institutions". INO already has achieved a high standing in the various aspects of open innovation.

The ambition thus is very clear, and the department has a good chance of success. The group of researchers is probably unique to the world in the sense that it not only is highly qualified (witnessed not only by the publications but also by the huge amount of review activities), but also very collaborative. This pertains to internal support and co-authorships, as well as to external relations to prominent international researchers.

The department will pursue this opportunity to excel at the international research scene. As evidenced by the department’s research in user-driven innovation, this is a very effective way of attracting also interest from business. The better the research, the more interesting INO will be to business.

By way of example, the Department examines why many biotech researches take place in small dedicated enterprises and more rarely in large pharmaceutical enterprises, and why some enterprises are strongly diversified while others concentrate on one product.

The department has a total staff of some 40 people, including 10 full professors and about 13 assistant/associate professors.

You can read more about the department on these pages. The department strategy is available for download: PDF iconino_strategi_short_final_v2.pdf.

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