Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics

The Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics (INO) is now called Department of Strategy and Innovation.

As of 1 July 2018 Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics has merged with Department of Strategic Management and Globalization to become Department of Strategy and Innovation.

The merger is part of a larger reorganization of the departments at CBS initiated by dean of research Søren Hvidkjær. Both INO and SMG have very strong records of publications and are internationally known for their research activities. The new department will have an emphasis on Strategy and Innovation, but will also continue to have a strong profile within Entrepreneurship and International Business.

The new department has a head count of app. 80 people including 18 full professors, 23 professors with special responsibilities and associate professors, 12 tenure track assistant professors, 14 PhD students, and 9 post docs.

The department will stay in the same location as the former departments, namely 2nd and 3rd floor at Kilen campus.

The Head of the new department is Keld Laursen. Until the appointment, Keld has been the vice chair of the Academic Council at CBS, and Head of studies of the MSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development.

Though the merger takes effect on 1 July, it will not have full effect until 1 September 2018. This means that there will be a period of over-lap between the old and the new organization.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions you might have:

Head of Secretariat
Gitte Hornstrup Dahl
Phone: +45 3815 2945

Head of Department
Keld Laursen
Phone: +45 3815 2565

Department Secretariat
Mie Maahr Hegelund
Phone: +45 3815 2837

Carolina Majlis Fink
Phone: +45 3815 2817

Study programme administrator
Katrine Kane
Phone: +45 3815 2513


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