Staff members of the Department of Finance in the podcast series 'Rig på Viden' (Rich on knowledge)

The Department of Finance is happy to announce that several staff members have participated in the podcast series 'Rig på Viden' (Rich on knowledge), created by Finansforbundet.

Rig på Viden
Rig på Viden

The podcast series 'Rig på viden' comes out with a new episode twice a month presenting new research. The idea of the podcast is to explain complex topics such as investment, finance and economics in a simple language. The series takes listeners through a wide range of topics: From reviewing past financial crises, diversity in management, ESG-ratings, over to discussions of the concept of deflation and the herd mentality in the stock market and other topics.


Staff members of the Department of Finance are able to share their knowledge about important financial subjects. The following members take part in the podcast series: Linda Sandris Larsen, Kasper Meisner, Jesper Rangvid, Theis Ingerslev Jensen, Claus Munk, Lasse Heje Pedersen, Fabrice Tourre, Peter Feldhütter, Jens Dick-Nielsen, Jakob Ahm Sørensen, Søren Plesner, Andreas Brøgger, Mads Stenbo Nielsen, David Lando, Michael Møller, Ken Bechmann and Kathrin Schlafmann.


Follow the link to the podcast episodes: Rig på viden

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