Finance Seminar with Roni Michaely, HKU Business School

On Friday, November 25, Roni Michaely, HKU Business School, will be giving a seminar on the paper: TBA

Friday, November 25, 2022 - 11:00 to 12:15

The Department of Finance is proud to announce the upcoming seminar with Roni Michaely, HKU Business School.

Roni Michaely will present: Mutual funds' strategic voting on environmental and social issues

Environmental and social (ES) funds in non-ES families must balance incorporating the stakeholder's interests they advertise and maximizing shareholder value favored by their families. We find that these funds support ES proposals that are far from the majority threshold, while opposing them when their vote is more likely to be pivotal, consistent with greenwashing. This strategic voting is not exhibited in governance proposals, by ES funds in ES families or by non-ES funds in non-ES families, reinforcing the notion of strategic voting to accommodate family preferences while appearing to meet the fiduciaries responsibilities of the funds.

Solbjerg Plads 3
2000 Frederiksberg
Room: SPs07

More information will follow.


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