Danish Research Data for the Social Sciences (DRDS) is a collaboration between

Copenhagen Business School, Statistics Denmark, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University, University of Southern Denmark, National Research Centre for Welfare (VIVE), Danmarks Nationalbank, The Danish Economic Councils, and the ROCKWOOL Foundation Research Unit.

DRDS has received an infrastructure grant of 36 million DKK from the Ministry of Higher Education and Sciences in Denmark, and DRDS has a total budget of 83.5 million DKK for the years 2018-2023. 

The purpose of DRDS is to facilitate the creation of new and unique longitudinal Danish register-based data and provide access to relevant international research databases for Danish researchers and graduate students in the social sciences. Denmark has unique register-based data for individuals living in Denmark, and DRDS will be instrumental in the development of data of similar quality for Danish firms as well as for setting up an infrastructure so that researchers can in an efficient way access and combine the relevant data. By giving researchers easy access to data of high quality, and to relevant international state-of-the-art databases for firms and markets, DRDS has an ambition of being a catalyst for the production of high-quality research that addresses questions of significance and relevance for society.

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