FRIC at Science in the City

Pictures from FRIC at the Science in the City Festival

The FRIC Tapestry
FRIC Lounge - key concepts of the financial crisis
FRIC Lounge
David Lando's talk: Why can’t regulation curtail crises?

From June 22-26, 2014, FRIC participated in the Science in the City Festival in the Carlsberg City. Here you were able to explore the FRIC Tapestry, the FRIC Lounge and hear David L  ando's talk on why regulation can't curtail crises. Find pictures and more info below.  


The FRIC Tapestry - a 20 meters long account (in Danish) of the financial crisis. The tapestry shows a timeline of the crisis and explains 6 key concepts that will help you understand the mechanics of a financial crisis. 

Find the tapestry at and learn more about the evolution of the crisis from the beginning and till today.


In the FRIC Lounge the focus was on the key concepts of a financial crisis. Here you could find posters on four subjects and listen to 4 videos (in Danish) where David Lando talks about frictions, American call options, liquidity and more.

Find the posters here and videos here.


On Saturday, June 21, David Lando gave a talk on why regulation can’t curtail crises.

In his talk David Lando shed light on how the financial world always have sought to steer clear of regulation in creative ways, and how the seemingly best solution for one crisis became the foundation for the next.

Download David Lando's slides here: David Lando_Regulering

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