FRIC members in the podcast series ‘Rig på Viden’ (Rich on knowledge)

FRIC members share their knowledge about important financial subjects in the podcast series ‘Rig på Viden’ (Rich on knowledge).


The past year, several FRIC members have participated in the Podcast Series ‘Rig på Viden’ (Rich on knowledge), which aims to communicate complex research in investment, finance and economics in a simple language. In 9 episodes, FRIC members shed light on financial subjects such as corporate bond spreads, default risk, cost of bank capital, mortgage prepayment and monetary policy, momentum investing, under reaction and mean reversion, social media and financial markets, and predicting financial crises.

The following FRIC members have participated in the podcast series: Jens Dick-Nielsen, Andreas Brøgger, Peter Feldhütter, Peter Norman Sørensen, David Lando, Theis Ingerslev Jensen, Jakob Ahm Sørensen, Lasse Heje Pedersen and Fabrice Tourre.

Find the podcast episodes by FRIC members here.

‘Rig på Viden’ has reached 50 episodes so far. Find all episodes here.



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