Center for Financial Frictions

FRIC Staff

The FRIC staff members can be found below. You can filter the listing by choosing 'Select job category'. We work together with 3 associate members outside CBS who can be found in the menu above under 'Associate members'

David Lando Director of the centre +4538153613
Julie de Molade Julie de Molade Centre coordinator +4538153737
Profile picture First name Last name title phone mail
Daniel Streitz Daniel Streitz Assistant professor +4538153704
Paul Whelan Assistant professor +4538152410
Thomas Geelen Thomas Geelen Assistant professor +4538153590
Fabrice Fabrice Tourre Assistant professor +4538153565
Jens Dick-Nielsen Associate professor +4538153584
Ramona Westermann Associate professor +4538153515
Dummy profile picture Zhuolu Gao FRIC Research Assistant
Michael Bolvig Olsen Michael Viktor Bolvig Olsen FRIC Research Assistant
Dummy profile picture Caroline Pagh Bender FRIC Research Assistant
Frederik Madsen FRIC Research Assistant
Rafael Rafael Zincke FRIC Research Assistant +4538153668
Andreas Brøgger Andreas Brøgger PhD fellow +4538153632
Benjamin Knox PhD fellow +4538153555
Søren Bundgaard Brøgger PhD fellow +4538153556
Jakob Blaabjerg Ahm Sørensen PhD fellow +4538153546
Alessandro Alessandro Spina PhD fellow +4538153732
Dummy profile picture Theis Ingerslev Jensen PhD fellow +4538153732
Julian Terstegge Julian Terstegge PhD fellow +4538153732
Kristoffer Halskov Kristoffer Halskov PhD fellow +4538152609
Lars Christian Larsen Lars Christian Larsen PhD fellow +4538153643
Peter Feldhütter Professor +4538153753
Lasse Heje Pedersen Professor +4538153902
Kristian Miltersen Professor +4538153579
Dummy profile picture Andreas Lillevang Bech Research assistant +4538153591
Susan Christoffersen Visiting Professor susan.chr...